Do you spend your day dreaming of being high at work? Or dreaming because you are high at work? Well, these forward-thinking companies are allowing it, and we’re all for it!

You heard right, the idea of a marijuana smoke break has become a reality, thanks to a number of companies who recognize the potential for new ideas and team building.

Of course, we all know that getting baked is a catalyst for creativity, and with the ever-increasing cannabis industry and a global push for legalization, we are finally seeing workplaces acknowledge the same mindset.

Where can I find a job like this?

work2 Are Weed Smoke Breaks About To Be Allowed In The Workplace?
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It’s probably no surprise that the companies openly discussing weed breaks are in the cannabis industry. Employers at Flowhub, a software company which offers a ‘seed-to-sale’ grow management system, are more than happy for employees to be high at work, with the founders stating

“Our philosophy at Flowhub is to get s*** done…If it helps our employees get work done, then we don’t care if they consume at work.”

This doesn’t mean that they are high all the time, with the company servicing some of the biggest players in the Cannabis industry, the co-founders have acknowledged having to be on point with their work, although they’ve ‘never had a problem.’

Tell me more!

work1 Are Weed Smoke Breaks About To Be Allowed In The Workplace?
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It’s no secret that marijuana brings people together, and two companies that are based on the idea are MassRoots and High There! Both companies have developed social media platforms for marijuana enthusiasts, with the founder of MassRoots telling CNN “Our general philosophy is that we need to be as productive and creative as possible, every day. If cannabis facilitates that, then we’re allowing it.”

Darren Roberts, the co-founder of High There! says it has been very effective in brainstorming sessions and led to ‘break-through moments’ for their business. Similarly, MassRoots co-founder Isaac Dietrich believes it goes a long way to improving employee relationships and building work place morale.

We’re going to go as far as assuming that sometime in the late afternoon there is a consistent spike of ‘productivity.’

So where are these magical workplaces?

weed4 Are Weed Smoke Breaks About To Be Allowed In The Workplace?
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So far, this has only been adopted in weed-legal states, so it might be time to pack up and move to Denver. As it stands, though, smoking anywhere indoors is still against the law in Colorado, so companies are more inclined to encourage marijuana-infused drinks and edibles to be consumed on site.

With a number of states actively pursuing legalisation, though, it might not be long before marijuana breaks come to a workplace near you!

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