This week we are checking out some of the “high” end glass that is out there. Did you know that some one-of-a-kind pieces can go for over $50,000? That’s right, glass art has reached the level of major appreciation that artists of any caliber vie for. Here is a look at some of the pieces that are a good example of why.

Interstellar Invader

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This piece by Joe P X N8, gives you an idea of what is going on in the world of glass; fused with graphic art style, and detailed colors, these pieces are so much more than just smoking pieces, they are works of art that can literally change your perspective on the world.

Breaking Bad

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It’s no surprise that when you combine amazing art and pop culture you get something everyone is going to love. This piece by Devin Somerville (Cap’n Crunk) x Ryan Green (Ghost), is a collector’s item in its own right, whether you smoke out of it or not. Appeal to fans, and you can’t go wrong, just look at Star Wars.

Zen And The Art Of War

Glass artists appeal not just to pop culture, but ancient cultures as well. Check out this beauty by Coyle / Aaron Sokol Munny. If you want to make a mint combining the two, look no further than the flood of tacky dragon t-shirts that flooded high schools in the 1990’s…(guilty). This Shogun does it right. More than just a piece, it is a centerpiece, with a beautiful sand garden tended with former tools of war. The meanings in this work of art speak to more than just a great smoke, they speak to the human condition. The heart, the soul, that is what art is supposed to capture. Well done, guys.

Glass Otaku

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Speaking of combining the out of this world with the inner spirit, Glass Otaku is beyond compare. When you look at the complexity, the detail, the symbolism, this is a maker of masterpieces. This piece, it speaks to me of the journey between science and spirituality. One does not exclude the other. The search for answers, that is what it has always been about.

Molecular Homage

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Science and spirituality… Well, the case can be made that this artist felt that DMT represents the one leading to the other. I would love to have one in the shape of a THC molecule. WJCglass is where you can find the makers of this work of art.

The imagination is the only limit to the visions of smokable art we can find today, and though some pieces may cost more than some of us make in a year, it’s good to know that glass artists are breaking down barriers for all of us when it comes to bringing cannabis to a positive light in the mainstream consciousness. If you know or get the chance to meet a glass artist, thank them for all they do.

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