Who doesn’t like Gummies? They were everyone’s favorite candy growing up. Now this timeless treat has been divinely upgraded.

Weed Chefs gives us the perfect combination for the best weed gummy bears. And the best part, they are really easy to make. This recipe requires the concentrate to be Decarboxylate first. But other than that, you’re all good to go. Here’s what you need:



1. Prep candy molds by spraying with non-stick spray. Combine flavored and unflavored gelatin and cold water in a small saucepan. Stir until well mixed. Place over medium heat and stir constantly until mixture becomes liquid. The mixture should be around 180º F and no higher!

mix it up How to Make Canni Gummies
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2. Stir in 6 grams of decarboxylated hash oil (or however much you have on hand) and mix thoroughly. You can see the dark bits of oil in the mixture. Stir in 1 tsp of vegetable glycerin to help the oil and gelatin mixture blend. Use up to 3 tsp glycerin to help keep things blended. There’s enough glycerin when you see no separation of oil and Jell-o when standing for approx 1-2 minutes.

liquid How to Make Canni Gummies
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3. Use a turkey baster to draw up liquid for easy placement in candy molds.

tray How to Make Canni Gummies
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4. Place molds in the fridge to cool for approx 20 minutes. Remove from molds and dust lightly with cornstarch and/or citric acid powder (for tartness) to keep them from sticking to each other.

finals How to Make Canni Gummies
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To make them last longer than a couple weeks: store in the refrigerator. These will get moldy pretty quickly being that they’re just gelatin and sugar. Better still is to freeze the treats, as they’ll last the longest this way. Just remember to take them out of the freezer the night before you want to enjoy these candies.

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