Are you one of those enthusiastic stoners who would prefer to smoke weed for the Super Bowl than drink? Well, if you happen to live in the California Bay Area, then you are in luck. And to make you even luckier, your weed will be free!

California dispensaries are jumping on board with the idea that there are some people out there who would rather smoke weed for the Super Bowl than drink, and this is a good way to encourage the industry.

Taking a bong hit for every score is a sure way to really enjoy the Super Bowl this year… legally… and for free! So, California will be handing out free joints at the Super Bowl to celebrate the era of legalization.

Take Your Coupon

weed coupon Do You Want Free Weed For The Super Bowl?
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The Bloom Room, which is a dispensary located in downtown San Francisco, is going to be sending an employee of theirs to hand out coupons for free weed. In fact, they even sort you out by giving you a free lighter with your free joint, so that you don’t find yourself without fire. They will be handing them out at the Super Bowl Fan Village, and you can go and collect your buds and your lighter.

Dispensaries will also be discounting other strains of weed, bringing prices down to as low as $35 for an eight of an ounce. You can find these sales are Nearby Green Door Dispensary. So there will be all kinds of options available to you on Super Bowl day.

New Super Bowl Strains

superbowl strains Do You Want Free Weed For The Super Bowl?
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It seems the California bud industry is looking for more than just one way to jump on board with the Super Bowl hype, naming strains of weed after the two teams that are set to compete this year. The two new strains that will be available in the South Market area will be the Carolina Cam Cush and the Bronco Mile High. So you can support either of the competing teams, the Carolina Panthers or the Denver Broncos.

Out Of Towners Out Of Luck

cali Do You Want Free Weed For The Super Bowl?
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Unfortunately, if you’re living outside of California, you won’t be able to get in on the free weed handouts for Super Bowl. Even though marijuana is legal in other states, California will only be selling to residents. And, in fact, although weed is legal in California, it is still only legal medically. So if you want to participate, you have to be a resident with a medical marijuana card.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t blaze up on Super Bowl day if you’re living out of town. There’s nothing stopping you from choosing the herb over booze. It makes more sense anyway to be smoking a super bowl of weed on Super Bowl day because everything super comes out of a bowl, not a bottle. So make the most out of your super bowls this year!

Were you one of the lucky ones who scored free weed? Let us know your thoughts on our social media page or in the comments section below!