Just like anything else we use in life, it’s a very fine line between use and abuse. This is no different for marijuana, and often the stereotypes that society create have something more to do with the habits of those who abuse rather than use. So how can you make sure that you always fall outside the stoner stereotype? Make an effort to cultivate the habits of highly effective high people!

All this really means is being conscious of your marijuana use and controlling it rather than letting it control you. It’s a really easy practice to get into, and what you’ll find is that marijuana becomes a part of your life rather than taking over it, and you begin to use it as a tool – rather than letting it use you!

1. Use Tools, Don’t Be One

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If people are calling you a tool, it could potentially be true. Keep your marijuana use clean and tidy, meaning use the tools available to you to stay organized. Have a stash box, papers, grinder, pipe – everything you might need to stay organized and keep your marijuana experience a ritual.

2. Choose Your Strain To Suit YOU

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There are so many different kinds of marijuana out there, and plenty of stoners for all of these strains to satisfy. So, choose what you’re smoking wisely. You will naturally be more productive when on a strain that suits you well.

If you don’t know what strain you like best yet, you can use something called terpenes. They adjust the smell of marijuana, and it’s a good indication as to what your body is wanting!

3. Maximize Relaxation

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You might be the kind of stoner that believes that watching moves all throughout your stoner experience is the best way to relax. Well, if you haven’t tried being creative, you could be extremely surprised. Often, wasting the energy of your stoned experience is what causes you to feel tired, nervous or unrelaxed. You should use that energy for something creative, something that you can flow with, and what you’ll find is that your experience is much more relaxing.

You could try learning a musical instrument, learning a language, using an adult coloring book or perhaps a guided meditation.

4. Only Smoke With Your Best Buds

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Choosing your circle of friends is really important, because just like any other psychedelic compound, we are extremely open to the moods and emotions of others when we are using marijuana. This means that it’s best for you to surround yourself with other smokers that uplift you, rather than bringing you down. If you can feel the energy dropping in your circle of stoners, it might be time to step away and find a new circle!

5. Don’t Get Chewed Up By The Munchies

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This is probably one of the hardest habits to take up because it’s a real test of control. But controlling your munchies doesn’t mean refraining from eating and enjoying your heightened sense of taste and smell. Choose what you eat wisely. There’s nothing wrong with indulging every now and then, but if you are smoking all the time, replace oily fast food with fresh fruits and vegetables. They are more satisfying to eat and are better for you. Even your sense of sight is heightened when using marijuana, so a good rule of thumb is eat colorful!

6. Wait Until Weed O’Clock

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This is really simple. You actually know when is an appropriate time to use marijuana and when is not an appropriate time to do so. If you are using marijuana to relax after a long day at work or a hard gym session, you’ll probably find that it is really benefiting your life. But it’s probably not a good idea to smoke a joint before rushing off to work in peak hour traffic, or before your most important business meeting.

7. Stay High All The Time

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Marijuana is an extremely powerful tool to help you learn about yourself and help you enjoy life more as a result. Even though it is less likely to become addicted to marijuana than other substances, such as tobacco and caffeine, it is still possibly to become emotionally dependent. So, take the time to reflect on your use and whether or not it is use or abuse.

Self-reflection enables you to be constantly checking yourself, keeping yourself in good health, and truly keeps you high all the time. This means you have less of a need to smoke marijuana and more of a loving longing to use it, and the experience will become even more enjoyable.

Are there any more habits you can think of that highly effective people have? Are there any habits that you are looking to get rid of yourself?Let us know on social media or in the comments below.