A lot of baby boomers are putting down the red wine and picking up the rolling cones in legalized states. In fact, the fastest growing demographic of pot users are in the 65+ club. Here are some reasons why you should encourage your elders to enjoy marijuana.

1. Pain

As most adults are worried, growing older can bring about pain in areas that you didn’t even know could hurt. With 20% of the population experiencing arthritis pain, the amount of prescriptions that are written could be dramatically reduced if your elders used some of the therapeutic properties of cannabis. The best part about relieving pain with marijuana is the fact that you don’t even need to smoke the plant. Creams, ointments, edibles, and vapour can deliver quality cannabinoids to areas of pain.

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2. Insomnia

3 out of 5 seniors in America have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Strong indica’s can aleviate this problem after the first try. The consumption of marijuana before bed can have lots of benefits as listed in another S.C. article here.

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3. Cancer Preventing Properties

One of the scariest parts of aging is the increasing risks of developing some forms of cancer. Properties in cannabis have shown to decrease the chance of acquiring certain types of cancer. The following cancers have a lower risk of development in marijuana users; breast, prostate, lung, uterus, cervix, mouth, colon, and pancreas.

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4. Pure Bliss

The prevalence of depression among our elder population is getting more common these days. Marijuana can induce laughter and happiness in its simplest form. It enhances food, music, colors, movies and entertainment. Cannabis can help you forget and ignore some of life’s common problems of aging while still making you feel normal after your high wears off. The social aspect of pot also contributes to the daily lives of the elderly. Certain Sativa’s can rid one of social and environmental anxiety, and can contribute to the making of new friends.

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5. Alzheimers

Studies in California have revealed the positive effects that THC and other cannabinoids have on the aging brain. Alzheimer’s is a disease that occurs when certain substances accumulate in the brain called amyloid plaques. These blockages are toxic to neurons in the brain and cause the degradation of the brain. THC has  properties that block the pathway of enzyme formation that create the amyloid plaques in the first place. This results in a complete shutdown of the biochemical pathway that causes Alzheimer’s disease.

high with grandma CI 5 5 Reasons Why You Should Get High With Grandma
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How to Consume with Grandma

I suggest starting with some very light edibles or possibly a vaporizer. I would stay away from pipes and bong rips because of the harshness of the smoke on sensitive elderly lungs. The worst thing to do would be to subject your elders to a scary coughing episode that could injure them or get them completely turned off from cannabis.

Have you already enjoyed cannabis with your grandparents? If not, do you think they would consider trying it? Let us know on social media or in the comments below!