Feel like you just can’t get as high as you used to? Or are you simply looking for a new way to spice up your joints? With a seemingly endless amount of extracts and strains now readily available, trying some of these combinations will have you cheering like Fred Flintstone in no time.

1. The Mix ‘n’ Match

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This one might seem a little obvious, but for the novice smoker it can be a great idea. With all the information nowadays about the type of high to expect from certain strains, your only limit is creativity, as you simply combine two or more different buds and roll it up.

The best way to mix and match, however, is by rolling your joints over the same box/container, and letting the fall-away build up for a while. That way you’ll have a combination of weed at the bottom that even you can’t identify.

2. Kief

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Kief is a very concentrated form of cannabis, and chances are you have tried this without realising it. Most grinders in use today have a kief-catching compartment at their base. It’s these fine and powdery particles that collect that we’re going for, and it is essentially a collection of trichomes, which are super-concentrated with cannabinoids, such as THC.

It might take a while to build up enough kief to really knock your socks off, but adding it to a joint will have your body melting in no time.

3. Hash

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Hash has a history all of its own, with the first records of its use appearing around 900 AD. Back then people used to eat it (I know, it doesn’t sound appealing to us either), so we’re thankful that its spread across the globe has also developed more efficient ways to consume.

Similar to kief, there are a lot of ways to smoke hash. Adding it to a joint, however, is probably one of the easiest. If the hash is good quality, you simply move a lighter back and forth under it (make sure you don’t burn it), until it starts to soften.

This should make it relatively easy to crumble (whether by hand or in a grinder), after which you can sprinkle it on top of your ready and waiting joint, light up, and see how far back in time it takes you.

4. Oil It Up

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Whilst you can go through the process of making your own hash oil (also known as honey), most of us don’t have the time, equipment or patience. Luckily it is readily available at a number of dispensaries, and you can add it to your joint by simply warming it up and coating the paper before rolling, or dipping the barrel before you light up.

5. The Cali Cannon

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Sure the name leaves something to be desired, but like a combination box from a Chinese restaurant, this one throws everything in, and lets your body figure out what is going on.

For this, you will need high-quality weed (a couple grams), jumbo size papers, preferably slow burning, some kief, and a good supply of hash.

Start by warming the hash in your fingers to make in malleable, and work quickly to roll it into a little worm, so it is just shorter than the length of the paper.

Now roll the wax around in your cannabis so it sticks to the worm, sprinkle on some kief, and set aside while you place a layer of weed into your paper. Then all you have to do is place your worm on top of the weed, cover it with another layer, and roll your joint.

To truly top it off, though, heat some hash oil on the end of a knife and roll the end of your cannon in it, sprinkle on a little more kief just for good measure, and get ready to meet the Flintstones.

Have you tried these joint enhancers? Or have your own way to spice up your joints? Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments section below.