Cooking with cannabis has never been easier since the invention of the MagicalButter® Botanical Extractor™. At the touch of a button, you will create perfectly formulated cannabutter, ready for making edibles or “medibles” (medical cannabis-infused foods).

Don’t Skip This First Step

decarrbing 4 Simple Steps To Creating Perfect Cannabutter
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First, it’s critically necessary to activate the THC in your herb by decarboxylation. This process happens automatically while smoking it; however, unless you plan to ignite and breathe your dinner, read on.

Do not overlook this crucial step, or you will be in for a shocking disappointment; even the highest-quality cannabis cannot deliver any of your favorite cannabinoids at all via ingestion unless you first perform this easy task.

You can decarb your sample very simply by baking it at 250°F/120°C for ½ to 1 hour. Not only will this activate your cannabis, it will also give it a nice toasted, nutty flavor.

Let’s clarify something important

clarified butter 4 Simple Steps To Creating Perfect Cannabutter

While your herbs are being activated, it’s a good time to clarify your butter. You never want to put butter sticks straight from the refrigerator into your MagicalButter machine.

Instead, simply melt it over low heat until it separates into three layers; then carefully remove and discard the two thinner, white layers of milk solids on the top and bottom, keeping only the large middle layer (yellow butterfat).

That golden layer is your clarified butter, the base of your cannabutter recipe. Your finished butter will have a pleasing green hue, thanks to the chlorophyll in the herb.

You can use any kind of unsalted butter you like although using more expensive Irish butter provides a better infusion: High-quality butter contains less water, giving you a richer flavor and higher yield.

Told you this was easy

Now let’s summarize this ridiculously easy recipe:

  1. While your herb is decarboxylating in the oven, clarify butter (described above).
  2. Place the ingredients into your MagicalButter machine, and secure the head.Press the Temperature button, and select 160°F/71°C; then press the 2 Hours/Butter button.
  3. Press the Temperature button, and select 160°F/71°C; then press the 2 Hours/Butter button.Strain your cannabutter, and enjoy!
  4. Strain your cannabutter, and enjoy!

That’s it! The Botanical Extractor™ will heat, chop, grind, stir, and steep your concoction, infusing the cannabinoids, terpenes, and all the natural goodness from your herb into your butter—automagically!

MagicalButter: Safe and sanitary

cannibutter 4 Simple Steps To Creating Perfect Cannabutter

After the machine concludes its cycle, it will beep to alert you that your infusion is complete. All you will need to do is strain your infusion using the included durable nylon PurifyFilter™ bag and silicone LoveGlove™ to protect the hand holding the filter from the hot contents of the pitcher, making for safe and sanitary straining.

You are now ready to add the healthy kick of cannabis to almost any recipe! Weed brownies, pasta sauce, salad dressing…the limits are yet unknown. Explore!

To see how easy it is to create infused cannabutter with the MagicalButter machine, check out this brief video. For more information on how to get your own Botanical Extractor™, visit