A recent video by the informative YouTuber “Kurzgesagt” has explained the latest psychological theories on addiction in humans.

The premise makes total sense. We all seek bonding as humans, and if social bonding is impossible, our brains will crave to make a connection with something else. Whether heroin, video games, Reddit, or porn, humans will always try and establish relationships regardless of the nature of the other half. View the video below.


As the video explains, this is why when drug using veterans return home from overseas, they can drop drug use because their emotional connections are being reformed with family and friends. The other great example is mice being able to ignore the drug-laced water when they have a good environment and plenty of friends or family.

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How does this video make you feel about your relationship with marijuana?

It definitely got me thinking about my marijuana use. Is my consumption a full on relationship, or is it a substitute for true human interaction? The answer is complicated. While marijuana is used for a vast assortment of ailments, the most popular use is to just have a good time and chill out.

And this is exactly my connection with marijuana. My relationship is purely in the form of relief. Relief from a long day of studying, relief from muscle pain after a workout, or relief from some sort of emotional trauma. So don’t think of marijuana as being a replacement for true friends or family, think of it as your personal assistant that will massage your feet at the end of a long day.

How has this video made you feel about addiction? Does it clarify what humans require emotionally? Let us know on social media or in the comments below!