The long-standing stereotype of cannabis users is that of the lazy, procrastinating loafer, but in fact, some of the most successful businessmen in history are cannabis lovers. Whether enjoying green herb or not, here are some DO’S and DON’TS on how to be high and productive, and to get the most out of YOU. 

DO: Make goals and timetables

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If you don’t have a plan for the day, it is easy to end up on the couch in pajamas updating Facebook or watching Netflix. Make a list of what you need to accomplish, both short-term and long-term, and give yourself deadlines. Prioritize what needs to be done first, what is most important, and how long each task should take. By having a clear plan, you can put your high to work for you, letting you enjoy the feeling of accomplishment as you check off each item as it is completed.

DO: Stay organized

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Keep your workspace organized and clutter-free. It will reduce stress and keep you focused on the task at hand. Make a chart to keep a track of your progress towards your goals. If you find another task that needs to be done, make a note of it on your chart, then get back to the schedule. If you finish a task early, you can use the extra time to work on the new project, but don’t let side work pull you away from your goals.

DO: Keep up the momentum

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When you start your work for the day, don’t stop for a breather unless you have to! The biggest productivity killer is lost momentum. When you are doing good, keep going. A “well-deserved” break can turn into the early end of the day. The energy it takes to begin and complete a task is easier to accept if you are already moving, but when you sit for too long or reward yourself with a lot of bong hits for little things, it gets hard to get moving again.

DO: Set a reasonable pace

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Setting a leisurely pace will surely make every task take forever, but inversely, don’t pile on more than you can handle and work at a break-neck pace to get it all done. Smoke a hit or two at regular intervals, not enough to kill your momentum, but enough to keep the high level and smooth. The moment you over task yourself, you will feel ready to throw your hands up and your goals will go out the window. Fast work is also sloppy, and full of mistakes.

DO: Take breaks

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If you just bounce from one task to the next without breaks all day, not only will the workload feel heavier, but your body will wear itself out. You don’t want to break every 15 minutes for a hit from your pipe, so set out a specific amount to do the job, and don’t use any more until the task at hand is complete. Not every break needs to be for a smoke, either; make sure to have healthy snacks and drinks to keep up your energy, like fruits and nuts, or, at

Not every break needs to be for a smoke, either; make sure to have healthy snacks and drinks to keep up your energy, like fruits and nuts, or, at least a sandwich. Just as you don’t want to smoke too much, don’t overeat. A full stomach makes you groggy.

Now For The Don’ts

DON’T: Sabotage yourself

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A focused environment is key to productivity. If you are working in the kitchen, make sure that stack of dirty dishes isn’t sapping your focus, do them first. Don’t work while laying in bed. Get in the right frame of mind for a productive day. Take a shower, brush your teeth, get dressed, and put on shoes. Working in lazy clothes makes for lazy work.

Keep your cannabis in a separate room so you don’t want to stop to smoke every time you look over. Turn off the TV, take out the trash, get that laundry pile out of your work area. If distractions are around, it will make work that much harder.

DON’T: Over-indulge before work

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Don’t let yourself smoke so much you will burn out halfway through your day, and don’t smoke so much you have to come down before you can focus. Smoking an entire blunt and then playing video games until the high levels out is a recipe for another blunt and 8 hours of gaming instead of working.

DON’T: Have unproductive habits

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If you can’t seem to focus when you work in the TV room or burn out in the bedroom, don’t work in those areas. Does the time of day you try to get things done always get interrupted by kids getting home from school or making dinner? Change your schedule to a better time of day. Focusing on work instead of kids only leads to guilt.

Wake up early and devote those precious alone hours to getting the work done, and you will need fewer for the task. Are you really productive while high? Maybe wait until after the work is done to smoke.

DON’T: Over-task yourself

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If 3 or 4 tasks is normally a rough day, don’t schedule twice that and expect to get it done while high. Keep your expectations realistic, and plan for deviations from the schedule. Nothing goes perfectly. Don’t expect it, it just leaves disappointment. Everything looks simpler on paper.

DON’T: Slack or make excuses

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Cannabis allows us to get moving, get creative, or just relax and unwind, depending on the strain we have, but that isn’t the only determining factor. Like any person, what we achieve has more to do with our actions and our mindset than with who we are. Don’t allow yourself to use being high as an excuse. The lazy stoner stereotype is a falsity. There are just lazy people. You CAN be a cannabis user and achieve your goals.

Do you have a great routine for working and smoking? What is your secret system to success? Let us know! Share your thoughts with us on social media  or in the comments section below.

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