Snoop DOGG is no stranger to the roast.  Most recently he was a part of the roast of Justin Bieber, but in this classic clip from 2011 Snoop drops heavy on a few people before getting to The Donald.

Snoop was a little soft on the Biebs in 2015, but in 2011, he didn’t hold back for nobody. Lisa Lampanelli, roast regular Jeff Ross and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino took the brunt of Snoop’s initial punishment.

Lisa is a stone cold freak…

Snoop launches his first round of verbal assaults on Lisa Lampanelli by calling her out on having sex with four famous “ugly old men” with the last name King on the floor of a Burger King bathroom, followed by a reference to her size and having her on all fours simply by putting food on the floor.

He’s one ugly muthaf**ker

Snoop laid into Jeff Ross pretty hard. You’d almost think he had a score to settle with Jeff from some previous roast. The first thing Snoop pops off with is how Jeff’s mom crapped herself during the Jeff’s delivery and thought she had twins.  Wow, that’s a dirty jab, but this was a roast after all.

That Ain’t Snooki?

Speaking of scores to settle, you might think Snoop has no love for The Situation, his jovial tone had a bit of sharpness to it as he pretends to mistake Mike for Snooki. He quickly follows that up by making fun of Mike’s so-called rapping career and comparing to Seth McFarlane’s man goo, while simultaneously calling him a homosexual. This segment kind felt uncomfortable…just for a second.

The Donald

Snoop finishes the segment by stating his manhood is twice the size of Donald’s which only got half the laughs as his joke about running black people out their homes in reference to his at that time speculative candidacy for the presidency.

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