In an interview with Katie Couric, Senator Bernie Sanders spoke about his views on legalizing marijuana. Unlike former president Bill Clinton, Sanders was actually honest about his cannabis use in the past.

Although, he was quoted saying he was “the only person who did not get high in the 60s” when he moved to Vermont. Come on, Bernie. The 60s was THE time to ‘bern’ it up. Still, Bernie Sanders understands that the majority of Americans support legalization. 

“Because I coughed a lot.”

bernie weed leaf What Happened To Bernie When He Bernt It Up?
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Couric asked Sanders why he didn’t smoke pot in the 60s and his answer was priceless. He responded, “Because I coughed a lot.” Well, we’ve all been there, Bernie. He also mentioned that marijuana didn’t quite work for him, but hey, it’s not everyone’s thing.

Sanders was then asked about his feelings regarding the legalization of marijuana for recreational use. While his comments on the matter have been a bit conflicting, Bernie understands that marijuana isn’t that bad.

Marijuana is less harmful than tobacco

During his interview, Bernie told Couric, “If you want to make the argument that maybe marijuana is less harmful to health than tobacco, I think you’d probably be making a correct argument.” He added, “Some may disagree, but I think it’s probably true.” Claps all around for Senator Sanders!

It’s time to say goodbye to the war against drugs

bernie drug war What Happened To Bernie When He Bernt It Up?
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The discussion between Couric and Sanders also touched upon law enforcement and the war on drugs. Bernie argued that, “We have far, far, far too many people in jail for nonviolent crimes and I think in many ways, the war on drugs has not been successful and I think we’ve got to rethink that.” He even mentioned that, as mayor of Burlington, Vermont, a city that is home to many colleges, he didn’t arrest many people for marijuana. Good man.

But before you make the decision to vote for a candidate who best supports the legalization of marijuana, Bernie Sanders did say that he wants to see how other states that have legalized cannabis are doing.

Either way, Bernie Sanders appears to be a pretty smart guy. He understands that the war on drugs needs to be reassessed and he’s even berned it up more than once. Sanders understands that the majority of the United States supports legalization, and that’s a great start.

Check out Bernie Sanders’ full interview with Katie Couric below.

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