If you are one of the 14 million people in the USA that suffer from migraines, you really need to read this article. The number of Americans that suffer from migraines daily continues to rise in the USA, and there isn’t really a protocol for doctors wanting to deal with it unless it is to prescribe painkillers. A recent study hosted at the University of Colorado is proving marijuana to be an effective treatment for those with migraines.

The study is far from complete, but the results show undeniably that marijuana has some sort of positive effect for those with migraines. Whether being used as a preventative measure or as a way to manage pain during a migraine, marijuana is an effective medicine for those with this condition.

The study

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The study was hosted at the University of Colorado and was conducted with 121 medical marijuana patients. These patients were taken from two different medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado and the study was conducted over a four-year period. The participants were given marijuana to smoke, vaporize and eat in order to manage their migraines. In all, 85% (or 103 patients) of those selected for data collection reported that using marijuana assisted them in some way their migraines.

Some patients used it as a way to prevent their migraines from coming on if they felt it was on its way while others used it as effective pain management once their migraine had arrived. About 40% of the participants used it in this way and said this is when they found it the most effective.

Smokeables or edibles?

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Those that participated reported that the marijuana they smoked or vaporized was the most effective way to ingest. Using edibles made it hard for patients to judge the dosage and the timing, as it is harder to control these two factors when ingesting marijuana orally. However, vaporizing or smoking gave the most immediate relief to symptoms and made it far easier for the patients to control their dosage.

It was also reported that those who used edibles had the most undesired side-effects, such as drowsiness and an increase in appetite. Inhaling it was found to be the most effective way to treat the most acute migraine symptoms.

Limitations of the study

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The creators of this study don’t deny that it is far from complete, as there was a lot of information that was not recorded during the study. This includes the amount of marijuana that was used by each patient, how often they used it, the dosages which they used and, of course, the different strains of marijuana that were available to them.

Although this all plays a factor, it is clear that marijuana has some positive results from those dealing with the age old migraine. Most of the participants reported a benefit from using this medicine, and this gives the control back to those who are experiencing the symptoms.

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