We are way past the days where your options for smoking devices were apples, bowls, or bongs. Today, you can get the cleanest, tastiest hit of marijuana through a device that is as clean and beautiful as an Apple product, but also plays Simon Says.

Classy consumption

1 cannabis couture cannador Mary Janes Makeover: Celebrating Cannabis With A Touch Of Class
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Today, the people wearing marijuana leaves on their clothing are not just Rastafarians or Phish fans getting their gear from underground head shops. In fact, cannabis couture, high-end cannabis accessories, and fashion products are becoming the norm.

Consider the Cannador, a product created by Zane Witzel when he was living in LA two years ago. The Cannador is an exquisite mahogany box for your weed that regulates humidity and seals in the flavor of the flower. It is a far cry from the random smelly boxes that used to do the job.

“My goal is to create something akin to the Williams-Sonoma meets The Container Store of cannabis because there are many professional adults who use cannabis that lead much different lifestyles compared to what’s being presented in the cannabis industry. This is clearly evidenced by the number of lawyers, doctors, architects and even prominent public servants who have purchased a Cannador.” – Witzel

For those who are too busy (or lazy) to pack their own vaporizer, the CannaKorp is here to help! The single-serve, pod-based marijuana vaporizer system works when the user slides a pre-measured cup of marijuana into a canister. The canister then heats the pot and fills with vapor, which the consumer can inhale.

Cannabis couture

1 cannabis couture annabis Mary Janes Makeover: Celebrating Cannabis With A Touch Of Class
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It’s not just smoking devices that are getting increasingly fancy. Neiman Marcus is now selling a $55 “Fresh Cannabis Santal Candle,” which is a blend of patchouli, chocolate, and a “cannabis accord” that supposedly captures the scent of cannabis.

Another brand, AnnaBis, sells luxury handbags designed to mask the smell of your weed with an airtight zipper and an “odor-loc” lining. The bags contain compartments for a pipe or vape, medicine containers for herb, and pockets for mints. The bags start at $175 – $295.

As Witzel stated, it is great to see that the stoner stereotype has not only shifted, but that the shift is illustrated by the need for high-end smoking devices, storage, and apparel. It would be hard to argue with anyone that the stereotypical “stoner” is paying $300 for a smell-proof marijuana purse, which means your local pediatrician and politicians are investing well.

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