Despite all of the effort that is being put into the marijuana legalization movement, the truth is that the factor that is going to make or break this movement is the involvement of the millennials. At the end of the day, it is the generation Y’ers that have been the force behind marijuana legalization as well as other matters of social justice. And when all is said and done, it will be this generation that reaps the benefits of marijuana legalization around the world.

The millennials that are responsible for the pressure on the USA to legalize marijuana are also the ones fighting other important social justice matters, such as employment, education, and decriminalization of non-violent offenses (such as possession of marijuana). It is the millennials who have been the biggest victims of ancient and overly strict drug policies, and therefore they must be the ones to save the marijuana moment.

Marijuana is not a crime

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For a long time police have been practicing unconstitutional means to try and imprison those in possession of or using marijuana. Stop and Frisk was a policy that was implemented in New York, and recently overruled as an infringement of basic human rights. There is surely a connection between the treatment of marijuana users by police and the image of marijuana users that the media has portrayed over the last few decades.

The power of the millennials is the ability to completely change the public opinion of marijuana and those who use it. The millennials are the generation responsible for completely breaking down social constructs built by their predecessors that relate to the marijuana user and their position in society.

An economic opportunity

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Well, those that have suffered the most at the hands of the economic paradigm in the USA are the millennials themselves. It is next to impossible to afford a secure lifestyle in the USA if you are starting out in the economy with a college debt. This problem is further amplified by just how many young, innocent citizens are imprisoned for something as simple as possession of a harmless plant. This makes further problems in these people’s lives, who are unable to recover economically from their criminal record.

The marijuana industry poses an opportunity for economical growth that benefits everybody in the USA, especially those who have been the biggest victims of drug policies. It is creating jobs all over the USA, not to mention all of the money it is giving back to states to fund programs and put back into the community. It will even give all of those inmates that are looking to have early release due to a change in federal legislation something constructive to do.

It’s time for millennials to be politicians

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In order for the marijuana movement to be saved and seen right through to the end, it’s time that the millennials who are responsible for this entire change to move into positions within politics. Just like any government, the old will be replaced by the new naturally. As we see public opinion continue to change in favor of marijuana, so too will we see the number of politicians in favor of marijuana change.

It is just natural that those who are choosing a life in politics will be coming from one of the most socially diverse generations of all time. This means that a fresh perspective will be making its way into American politics, and across the world in general. This change will continue to gain momentum through the support of voters, politicians, activists and businesses. What is needed is the consciousness and the awareness of the generation that is going to be responsible for this movement and evolution of social consciousness around the world.

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