This week on Touch of Glass I travel back to a simpler, happier time. The movies I grew up with. Almost everyone has that special Saturday morning cartoon show they watched religiously, or that breakout movie that inspired themed birthday parties, t-shirts, action figures, lunch boxes, and stickers on everything they owned. 

These classics made us dress up for Halloween, play the characters in backyard imagination games, and generally make our parents think we were obsessed. Well, we were. That nostalgia is wonderful, but making it even better is finding a piece of nostalgia you can smoke out of!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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This squad of crime-fighting reptiles even spawned a backyard club when I was 8 years old; my friends and I each dressed as a character. For Halloween, my mother sewed costumes from old t-shirts and green towels to make shells and masks for me and my brother. (My mom is the coolest woman in the world). It would be great to get the neighborhood kids, all grown up, back together to catch up and share a smoke sesh out of these heroes in a half-shell.


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Did you run around the house with parts of your mom’s vacuum? Yes, you did. Don’t lie. This was one of the greats! Amazing effects and actors, great story, this movie had it all. Being transformed into a hell-hound? Hilarious. This movie should have its own smoking game: Every time the energy packs light up, you do too! Someone needs to make an electric dab nail that looks like the pack, then you could light up Slimer in proper fashion!


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The ghost with the most, Beetlejuice was a great flick if you got to watch it as a kid. You can always count on the style and effects of Tim Burton to stand out. The only truly scary monster in the movie was the sandworm. I was even guilty of watching the truly blasphemous cartoon made after the movie. I was a kid, I did not have standards. I do not apologize… yes I do. But the movie, that was a masterpiece of funny and spooky. It was a real treat to find this piece floating out there.


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This movie was one of the hallmark great-but-bad movies of the era. The actors were bad, but the creatures were amazing! Who didn’t want to own Gizmo? I loved the mischievous gremlins and the hilarious antics they got up to. Watching the movie with my own kids now, I actually realize it was fairly dark, but as a kid, I couldn’t stop laughing. “Gizmo… CACA!” A must see film. While it is hard to capture cute and fluffy in glass, this artist did the best version I have seen of Gizmo. Spike, now he is perfect!

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

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Okay, I love both films, though the second is far campier than the first, but given the nature of the devious imps, it’s hard to blame them. The best part of the second film was the genetics labs, where the curiosity of gremlins, combined with animal research, produced some truly awesome creature effects! The most impressive, by far, was this arachnid-hybrid gremlin, who decked a hallway in webs. Now this piece is on par with the greatest monster pipes I have ever seen, but he gets bonus points for being a movie character!

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