Cannabis has so many wonderful positive aspects. One of the few downsides is that it is an annual, or a plant that lives its life cycle in the course of a single year. Imagine if you could have a huge plant in your backyard that kept growing pounds of great weed year after year, growing bigger and bigger! Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, you aren’t the only one who thought so.

Forever buds

forever buds packaging High Science: Introducing The Pot Plant That Never Dies
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On their website, BC Seeds claims that they have new cannabis strains that have been genetically modified for more potency, easier growth, and in one instance, to alter the life cycle of the plant so that it stays in the flowering stage for years! The Forever Bud claims that it will produce bud year-round, up to 20lbs a year! I am not a fan of genetically modified food, but for this plant, I might make an exception! The seeds state a debut of February of this year, but as of this publication, contact with the breeders has not been achieved.

BC Seeds says they have spent more than $350,000 in research and development to create these strains, and for a plant that produces like that, it is money well spent, but to get some of these seeds, you will have to spend too. It appears that the seeds run at $20,000 each! If you were to sell 20 pounds a year, you would make that back pretty fast, but that is still a big dent.

The propagation Of cannabis

forever buds sprouts High Science: Introducing The Pot Plant That Never Dies
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The larger the plant, the larger the buds, and the more of them! Plants can reach incredible heights and size in a single season, especially outdoors. With stems so thick you could carve a pipe from them, it seems a shame to watch the plant die, but mother plants can be kept in the vegetative stage for up to a decade or longer, providing clones in crops that can be nurtured indoors for year-round harvesting.

Some growers have even successfully “re-vegged” a plant after it has flowered and been harvested, but they say that depending on the strain, subsequent crops may not be as potent as the first. Until these “Forever Buds” make it into the mainstream, just keep cloning and rotating mothers for fresh bud all year long.

A word of caution

forever buds scam alert High Science: Introducing The Pot Plant That Never Dies
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Incase you decide to start going to online retailers to purchase your seeds, be careful! Some websites may be trustworthy, but it is not unheard of for phony sites to be put up by government agencies to gather information. When you buy online, make sure any information they post, such as years in business, address, customer support links, ect. are working and in order. Check third party websites for reviews.

Most blogs on the net tend to agree, BC Seeds may be a scam. I can neither confirm nor deny, but attempting to gain access to an account proved impossible after nearly an hour. Prices are not listed unless you input your information, and for anyone attempting to purchase seeds online, that is a risk you are going to have to take. If they want to send me free seeds and clear their name in my eyes, I am all for that.

Have you ordered seeds online? What sites do you find most reliable? How long have you kept a single plant alive? Share your trials and tribulations with us on social media or in the comments section below.