Ancient and powerful, spiritual and visceral, these creatures span the globe, appearing in cultures that never met. Whether benevolent or harbingers of doom, winged or serpent-like, they inspire awe and fear in equal measure. Puff the magic dragon isn’t the only one who likes to enjoy the herb! With this Touch of Glass, we venture to a land of mythical beasts who truly know how to blaze. Be warned, because here, there be dragons!

Dragons by Mike Luna

touch of glass 14 ci one Touch Of Glass #14 Fighting Fire With Fire
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Mike Luna loves creating glass dragon smoking pieces, and he does it well. Chances are that if you search Pinterest for glass dragons, half the good ones are from his hands. He has a particular look in all his pieces, much as any artist develops a style that evokes their imagination brought to life. Whimsical and fun, his dragons are pleasing to look at and even more enjoyable to smoke out of!

Skeletal Dragon

Touch of glass 14 ci 1 Touch Of Glass #14 Fighting Fire With Fire
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Made by Lace Face and Big Dan McAfee, this piece was featured at the boro show in 2012 and exhibits a decidedly Western breed of dragons. The skeletal creature has intricately ribbed ears and wings, and the human rider on its back is the only fleshed out part of the piece. The color blend in the glass is smooth and subtle, the work of a true veteran artist.

Opalescent Dragon by Mako

Opalescent Dragon Touch Of Glass #14 Fighting Fire With Fire
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Mako always brings the best, and this dragon with shimmering opalescent highlights is certainly no exception. The detail on belly scales, wing spikes, and the face and legs give this scaly beast a graphic brutality. The darker colors are focused on enhancing subtle body shaping, and it works. I would gladly take any piece by Mako, but I have always had a fondness for dragons, which puts this piece high on my list of favorites from this incredible artist.

Dragon Pipe by Clinton Roman

touch of glass 14 ci 3 Touch Of Glass #14 Fighting Fire With Fire
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This hand pipe by Clinton Roman is a beautiful piece with a winged fire-breather soaring high with your bowl. The intricate color weaving in the glass is fantastic, and it should be, this piece is listed at $5,000! For that investment, I would hope the dragon fetches the weed for me and lights it with his breath!

Clear Serpent by G-Brebz (sandman)

G Brebz Touch Of Glass #14 Fighting Fire With Fire
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Sometimes, the best color for a glass piece is clear, because it allows the smoke to tell the tale, and this piece does justice to clear glass. The amazingly intricate scale work is so small, they give real texture to the beast. As he twines his body through the column of this bong, he brings his fearsome head with dripping jaws forward, ready for a meal. One of the most detailed heads I have seen this beast is both simplistic and engorged with details. Many times I focus on amazing color, but the purity of this piece is its homage to the simple style of its ancient heritage, the Eastern dragon.

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