On last week’s episode of “The Late Show” host, Stephen Colbert, responded to a comment made by presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in regards to his past cannabis use. Colbert, who was surprised to hear what the senator had to say, poked fun at the democratic candidate and his assumed pot smoking supporters. Check out the video below.

Bernie only lit up how many times?

At a recent rally in Michigan, Senator Sanders surprised the crowd when he made the statement that he’s only smoked pot twice. Sanders told his supporters, “I’ve done marijuana twice in my life when I was very young.”

Colbert, who was just as surprised as the rest of us joked, “I don’t think this admission is on-brand for Bernie.” He added, “Senator, you do know who your supporters are. I will tell you this much: They have smoked marijuana twice… since I started this sentence…”

Colbert went on to mock Bernie by playing a recorded reggae cover of what he called the socialist anthem. He added, “[Bernie] recorded a reggae cover of a socialist anthem and expects us to believe he only smoked pot twice? Was one of those times for 10 years, Senator?”

Pass the dutchie on the left-wing side

In reference to the popular reggae tune, Colbert imagined a scenario where the senator would promise for “equal redistribution of dee dutchie.”

In a stereotypical New York accent, Colbert pretended to be Bernie and joked, “If we pass the dutchie on the left-hand side, the bottom 10% of the people are getting 80% less dutchie than the elite 1% on the left-hand side.”

Colbert then imagined the senator saying, “I promise that in my administration, there will be equal redistribution of dee dutchie.”

Check out the full video clip below and see for yourself!

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