This week in Touch Of Glass, we revisit that old adage “life imitates art; art imitates life”. It is amazing all the wonderful ways that cannabis helps the body. Perhaps that is what some of these glass artists were thinking of when they made these provocative pieces. Then again, maybe not. They could have been inspired by Burke & Hare, the infamous ghouls of Scotland. Whatever the case, for your viewing pleasure, here are some examples of body parts inspired glass, all of which benefit from cannabis use.

Just breathe

touchofglass 15 1 Touch Of Glass #15: Amazing Anatomy
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This piece, entitled Heart and Soul, by Robert Mickelsen, is a fantastic lampworked, sculpted, blown, and sandblasted work of smoking art. Whether it be ingesting raw cannabis smoothies to keep cholesterol in check, or taking a low dose edible before a run to help you go the distance with your cardio, cannabis can be good for your heart. Because it acts as a bronchodilator, asthma sufferers know that one hit makes the asthma quit. It’s a plant, so relax and just breathe.

Love your squishy guts!

touchofglass 15 2 Touch Of Glass #15: Amazing Anatomy
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From stimulating appetite to a healthy colon, having cannabis inside, helps your insides. This piece helps you get that sweet stuff to all your vital organs, wherever they may be… wait a minute. They better be in your body! EWW. Cannabis has been shown to help fight several cancers, including liver, colon, intestinal, lymphatic, and more!

And your skeleton, too!

touchofglass 15 3 Touch Of Glass #15: Amazing Anatomy
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This is a unique show piece by Roor Shop Amsterdam, and with a showpiece of this level of awesome, you know it works as good as it looks. Mind you, I wouldn’t want to be the one having to wear it all night at a party, but what an entrance! Studies show cannabis helps speed the repair of broken bones! They grow back stronger and faster than without it. So if you are stuck with some extra down-time due to an injury, you might as well help with not ony the pain, but ensure a speedy recovery by taking a few hits from this awesome piece.

Don’t get nervous

touchofglass 15 4 Touch Of Glass #15: Amazing Anatomy
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This frosted glass spinal column is a great way to celebrate the fact that cannabis helps with pain in the central nervous system. Talk about a “column” of smoke! No, the Predator didn’t make this bong from some Special Ops guy in the jungle, but he might want to smoke out of it!

Expand your thinking

touchofglass 15 5 Touch Of Glass #15: Amazing Anatomy
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Brains…BRAINS! … Yes, I feel the craving, after coming across this zombie pocket piece. This handy pocket pipe can go with you anywhere, for quick inspiration on the go. Cannabis is first and foremost, good for your brain. With neuroprotective and neurogenesis properties, it is about expanding the mind, and keeping it functioning at the same time.

Bonus pipe!

touchofglass 15 6 Touch Of Glass #15: Amazing Anatomy
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I had to throw one more in here! Glaucoma! Let’s not forget grandma’s glaucoma medicine!

What do you use cannabis for? Getting healthy, staying healthy, or just staying sane in a crazy world? Share how it helps you with us on social media or in the comments below.