The 420 Games led “CannaAthletes” on a run through California towns Santa Monica and Venice over the weekend. The turnout of cannabis supporters for this year’s event was impressive—and high.

The Fun Run

runners High Turnout At The 420 Games “CannaAthletes
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The debut Los Angeles 420 Games was held this past weekend and it attracted over 1,000 participants. The race began at the Santa Monica pier and followed the bike path that connects to the Venice pier, totaling a perfect 4.20 miles.

CannaAthletes of all skill levels attended. There were runners, bikers, skaters, walkers, and even a few wheelchairs powering through the race. The Los Angeles Games are part of a six-city tour designed to embrace s message of fitness, wellness and health. The growing popularity of athletes who use and admit to using cannabis was clearly represented at the Games.

Former NFL All Pro players Kyle Turley and Ricky Williams attended the Games. The two players also gave brief speeches and answered a few questions for the crowd. Also in attendance was UFC fighter Kyle Kingsbury and former NFL player Eddie Lee “Boo” Williams. The willingness of athletes like these to publicly support cannabis shows the progress we have made as a community in just a few short years of legalization.


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While attending the event, participants were notified that there was a strict no smoking policy during the event.

“We are forging new outlooks and a new respect for both cannabis and the people who use it… a cloud of smoke over our heads at the pier – both literally and figuratively – is not the message we want to send out to the world.” – 420 Games Founder Jim McAlpine

But McAlpine isn’t afraid to admit he is a marijuana user and supporter, despite the no-smoking rules at the event.

“I use marijuana every day, multiple times a day. I use it on a level where people have called me a stoner my whole life, and I’m the farthest, farthest thing from a stoner,” said McAlpine, a California resident who holds a medical marijuana card. “I own my own company. I’m married. I’m a good athlete. I do very well for myself.”

And the winner is…

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Chris Barnicle took the “green” at the 420 Games, but not without a little confusion. Barnicle, a longhaired Boston native who was a former college athlete, led the pack with just a mile to go, but he took a wrong turn on his way to the finish line. Barnicle laughed at the idea that the winner of a marijuana-themed race would get lost on his way to victory—certainly a fitting occurrence.

Barnicle eventually popped out from behind the crowd and crossed the finish line with the victory.

Several participants told reporters that they celebrated the end of the race with joints and infused beverages. Others took part in some of the Q&A sessions with the former professional athletes that attended. All in all the 420 Games were a hit in Los Angeles.

This year, California is gearing up to vote on their version of recreational marijuana legislation. Supporters and critics alike suspect that the legislation will pass. Maybe next year’s 420 Games will be more of a smoke out if voters show the same support that the Games’ participants did.

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