You’re allowed to use Twitter’s 140 characters any way you want. Some people continuously exhort their followers to read the freshest hot take they’ve posted on whatever politics, sports, tech site they write for, some get into incredibly petty fights with their ideological opponents, some post “inspirational” quotes or lame jokes in an attempt to build a following.

Now out there in the Twitter-verse are these “Twitter-novels” that people are writing 140 characters at a time. It’s an interesting technique to keep people reading your feed religiously if you can string together a solid story.  One such user named “@Homer_Marijuana” has created a weed-based story call you guessed it, Marijuana Simpson and it only took 5105 tweets to do it.

The plot

Marijuana Simpson 1 Have You Heard Of Marijuana Simpson?
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After changing it’s named a few times in the past week or so it’s settled into a narrative about the Simpsons obsessively smoking weed, Bart getting sent to Iraq, Lisa and Maggie falling into despair, and a fourth Simpson kid, Ken, going to prison for shooting a guy. That summary doesn’t do it justice, however—there are hints of Greek tragedy in it and lots of bizarre humor. Between bong rips are asides that reveal private longings, misgivings and grudges. The wise and omniscient sages, Carl, Lenny and Moe, chime in to summarize a scene, in case you’ve missed a plot point.

When the Simpsons can’t find actual weed, they have to buy synthetic marijuana from the gas station, a sad poverty the family laments as several U.S. gas stations were recently busted for selling synthetic marijuana as part of a Middle Eastern drug ring operation, but I digress.Spoiler alert: At one point, Bart becomes a hero for murdering Saddam Hussein. Shit gets real on occasion, too, as when Milhouse tells Bart, “Your bloodlust will never be satisfied. You must pacify it with huge bong hits.” And if you choose to read ’til the end, there might even be some redemption.

The characters

Marijuana Simpson 2 Have You Heard Of Marijuana Simpson?
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While the enormous cast the Simpsons has employed over its 27 seasons are not all in the book there are a few standouts. The Simpson family themselves obviously, as well as mainstays, Moe, Carl and Lenny as mentioned. A New Simpson kid named Ken makes his debut. Characters from other mediums appear, too: Sonic The Hedgehog, Bender, and Dick Cheney are all essential to the plot.

The Twitter account

Marijuana Simpson 3 Have You Heard Of Marijuana Simpson?
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At the time of publication in 2014, the account had almost 20,000 followers but follows just one in return: Eminem. Marshall Mathers doesn’t appear anywhere in the play, though which was just one of Marijuana Simpson’s many strange non-sequiturs. It is unclear though if that original account has been deleted and a new one has risen in its place or if he has done some serious shedding of followers.  The “@Homer_Marijuana” account is currently following 29 feeds now, funny enough Eminem no longer made the cut of feeds worth being followed. Even more strange is that the account now only has 136 followers. Which is why I feel it may be a new (re-booted) account.

In a way, this Simpsons twitter novel was a parody of stoner culture written by a lover of stoner culture. A fan fiction for the people, by the people.

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