This week in Touch of Glass, I wanted to take a look at some of the natural beauty in our world. Some of that straight up green goodness. When you smoke out of one of these pieces of glass art, it really makes you one with nature. Spring is here, so let’s celebrate it with some nature inspired glass art!


touchofglass 16 1 Touch Of Glass: Natural Beauty
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This pipe is cute. As a guy, I am not afraid of the word cute. It is curvy, natural in color, but the detail in the glass, the little waves of white and green are what make this a pipe to gaze at. You could set this in one of your potted plants, and it would look like a cute garden decoration. The subtle enhancement of the simple without resorting to being cartoony is what sets this piece apart from almost all mushroom related glass pipes out there.

Green Leaf

touchofglass 16 2 Touch Of Glass: Natural Beauty
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This piece is all green, and with a simple vine/leaf motif, it is all about natural beauty. The emerald depths are the kind of sight you can get lost in when blazing… I know it has me thinking about it right now! Enjoy hiding this hefty bong in your greenhouse, so you can immerse yourself in the wonderful world of growing while taking a big hit from this green machine.

The Whole Shebang

mushroom Touch Of Glass: Natural Beauty
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This collection is an awesome set! Look at the depth of color on the base of that amazing bong! And matching pipes! This fairy ring of mushrooms is enough to blaze you and all your friends into the magical kingdom for one heck of a party. Again, it is the attention to natural form that makes this stand out from some of the cheesy art we so often see.

Nature Goddess

touchofglass 16 3 Touch Of Glass: Natural Beauty
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This divine piece is simply amazing. With aspects of driftwood, winter trees, and an effigy of mother nature herself, this is truly an homage to the natural world. When you look closely, you can see that the amazing spires of crystal are real crystal! No imitations. The bowl has a branch festooned lid and sits right behind the goddess’s head. Wow… this piece is just a one-of-a-kind creation.

Natural Laughs

touchofglass 16 4 Touch Of Glass: Natural Beauty
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When scouring the internet for great natural glass, I came across this nature inspired craziness, and felt that it deserved an honorable mention. Glass or not, this still looks like an epic smoking piece. Laughter is natural medicine, so load up a bowl of herbal chuckles and enjoy the idea of this guy trying to clear this monster! Who wants to help?

Where is your dream spot in nature to go smoke ? Mountains? Lake? Ocean? Caves? Share your exciting ideas or even photos of potentially awesome smoke spots with us on social media or in the comments below!