Sometimes it can be all too easy to label cannabis as a “drug“, “medicine“, or “substance”. We forget the fundamental fact that it is a plant. Much of the culture surrounding it is with its end use and is shadowed with controversy, making the simple appreciation of the plant something taboo. It is seen in plastic baggies and ground into powder. The true nature of the plant is that of a living thing, growing and beautiful. One company, Almost Cannabis, is trying to help with that image makeover in its own unique way.

Almost Cannabis

ac5 Almost Cannabis: Bring The Beauty Of Cannabis Into Your Home
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If you love the sight of cannabis in the pictures you see on the internet and wistfully dream of the day you can grow it yourself without anxiety or fear, you will love this. A company called Almost Cannabis is trying to spread the love of our favorite flower in a novel way: decorative artificial marijuana plants you can put in your home! Imagine having the sight of beautiful green buds greet you in the morning. How much would a high-quality imitation plant open conversations and minds without risking the legal consequences of the real thing? You can’t smoke it, but you will want to! Have an awesome smoke session while enjoying the beauty of this “high-end” decor filling your home with love.

A goal of enlightenment

The goal of Almost Cannabis is to bring the sight of cannabis into our everyday lives in a positive, non-threatening way and promote conversation. The plant exists, and its existence is natural, not shameful. In your home or office, it can foster acceptance, and through that, Almost Cannabis hopes their artificial cannabis plants can help bring about the open-minded discussions needed to spur legalization.

The perfect gift!

ac3 Almost Cannabis: Bring The Beauty Of Cannabis Into Your Home
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With 420 just weeks away, this is the perfect gift for yourself or a friend. The high-quality silk-and-metal imitation is breathtakingly realistic, and beautifully simplistic. Almost Cannabis plants are completely legal, you don’t have to worry about problems ordering it online or by mail. Spread the love and help bring cannabis into the light. Help remove the negative stigma from this wonderful gift of nature by sharing its beauty with others, or just enjoy it all to yourself. Imagine decorating for your next get-together with a few of these around the house!

Speaking of holidays

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4/20 isn’t the only holiday that can get a little green makeover. Why not get the best tree for putting gifts under this holiday season? Nothing says Peace on Earth like cannabis!

Get yours today

ac4 Almost Cannabis: Bring The Beauty Of Cannabis Into Your Home
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You can get your very own life-like marijuana plant on Amazon, Etsy, or Ebay. Want to show your love or learn more about Almost Cannabis? Check out their website, or like and follow them on Facebook! Want to help support Almost Cannabis and the cause of cannabis legalization? Spread the word to your friends by sharing this cool looking plant on social media.

Where would you put your very own cannabis plant? Next to the TV? In the kitchen window? The bedroom? Get creative! Share your decorating fantasies with us on social media or in the comments below.