By Matt Gray

Today we’re announcing the expansion of The Stoner’s Cookbook, the number one source for cannabis content, as a social news and entertainment community called HERB.

herb image The Stoner’s Cookbook Becomes HERB

Our Mission

At HERB our mission is to use technology to tackle the most exciting opportunities in the cannabis space, from curating the coolest products to growing the understanding of cannabis as a medicine and therapeutic herb.

We want to abolish the stigma around cannabis and bring this amazing plant into the mainstream.

We created The Stoner’s Cookbook 10 years ago as a cannabis recipe website to help people learn to cook with cannabis and understand the benefits. Nowadays, those who enjoy cannabis come from all walks of life and enjoy herb in a variety of different ways and for many reasons.

herb plant The Stoner’s Cookbook Becomes HERB
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Cannabis is not the bad guy, and cannabis users shouldn’t be seen as such too. We are entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, travelers, and dreamers – regular people. We started making subtle design changes about a year ago, and introduced a broader range of content, all of which was received positively.

The culmination of these changes is HERB, your source for everything cannabis.

HERB is a place for the good stuff. The stuff you want to discover and share with your friends. And it all started thanks to you.

You, our loyal fans, have been with us from day one and helped us learn and grow. We owe it all to you and can’t wait to show you what we have in store.


Our new identity reflects our decade-long experience and growth in the cannabis media space, and represents a new, positive face for the next evolution of the company. Most importantly, we want to push the cannabis movement forward.

HERB isn’t just about cannabis, it’s about freedom, enjoyment, and inspiration. You can now find captivating content, entertaining videos, the coolest products, and learn about the most amazing plant in the world – herb.

Times are changing. We believe that with a little bit of passion, dedication, and hard work we can change the perception of cannabis. We’re here to change the cannabis industry and put people first. This will be a decades-long journey. A marathon, not a sprint.

Matt Gray is the Co-Founder of HERB (formerly Co-Founder and CEO of The Stoner’s Cookbook)