The NOW Corporation’s exoPower wind turbine was developed in 2013. The company has recently signed a hydroponic hemp and medical marijuana farming operation on 10,000 acres of Colorado land. There hopes are to show the ability of the new technology and set a new standard in how the exoPower turbine will advance agricultural farming in off the grid projects.

Old power vs. new

The NOW Corporation 1 This Innovative Technology Will Take Cannabis Growing Off The Grid
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Wind power is both efficient and economically beneficial to the farming community. The traditional wind turbine has provided many farmers with yearly revenues of more than $6,000 and has offset the price of their energy cost during farming season. While these conventional 3 blade turbines have been majorly beneficial, they are costly to repair, with the potential to kill wildlife, and many neighboring farmers complain of their noise.

However, the new innovative exopower turbine seeks to eliminate much of this problem turning the windmill industry on its top with more reliant equipment and design. The design itself is a multiple air foil system rotating on a ring circumferential that eliminates the use of a central hub and complex motors, transmissions, and brake systems, by use of a multiple bearing system along the outer ring.

The NOW Corporation 2 This Innovative Technology Will Take Cannabis Growing Off The Grid
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The simplicity of this closed in design cuts down on and eliminates the needs for oils, greases, and other lubricants to keep it functioning. The exoPower system also takes less wind to generate power and can operate at extreme high turning winds. The closed design of the turbine is to ensure protection of wildlife, and comparably less obstructing to the visual eye over that of the old 3 bladed turbines that tower in the fields, as well the new system is more efficient while reducing noise.

NOW Corporations ExoPower turbine & the winds of change

The NOW Corporation 3 This Innovative Technology Will Take Cannabis Growing Off The Grid
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The significance of the new exoPower turbine will produce major outcomes in energy savings and power efficiency like never before. In 2011 alone, the total United States cannabis cultivation (both legally and illegally) cost $6 billion in energy, which is enough to have fueled 2 million homes energy cost that year.

In 2014 The NOW Corporation entered into a joint venture to build the proof-of-concept of its exoPower wind tech and plans to operate a hydroponics facility on a 10,000-acre Colorado farm with development of a hydroponic hemp and medical marijuana farming operation. The company will provide power for commercially run hydroponics farm and plans to take the entire facility off-the-grid. Any energy that is not used will go towards generating end result revenues by selling excess power back to the grid system.

The owners and operators of the cannabis cultivation are setting up licensing for both hemp and medical marijuana cultivation, harvest, packaging, and distribution processes. The NOW Corporation will facilitate their energy expenses with the new exoPower technology and is set to receive 50% interest in the project.

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