In this day and age, we have become quite creative in the types of bongs we are building. Everything from bongs made of recycled water bottles to gas masks to even a lego bong.  Most recently we spotted someone having made a bong out of a mannequin head. So our question is, would you smoke from this mannequin head bong?

In order to answer that question, we may want to examine the Pros and Cons of that adventure. So let’s check it out.


mq1 Would You Smoke This Mannequin Head Bong?
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mq2 Would You Smoke This Mannequin Head Bong?
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mq3 Would You Smoke This Mannequin Head Bong?
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If you have a bucket list of weird bongs you want to smoke from, this one is pretty irresistible.  It’s a unique piece to be sure, following in the footsteps of some frats and sororities having mannequin beer bongs where you drink either from their lips or from the mannequin’s crotch area. It also has an appeal for the loner stoner who doesn’t have any natural game with the ladies. It most definitely will give him ample time to work on his kissing technique with no negative feedback.

It’s also a pretty funny party bong which is sure to get some laughs as you pass it around. Sadly it doesn’t seem to have any real upside in terms of being better or worse than any other bong, but could very well win first place at a creative bong making contest. Or at least, contend for it.


Mannequin Head Bong 2 Would You Smoke This Mannequin Head Bong?
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One of the major arguments for marijuana is its all natural heritage. The insides of mannequins are made of  fiberglass, which is anything but natural. Animal studies have shown that certain glass fibers can cause tumors in animals’ lungs and other tissue sites while cell studies have shown that certain fiberglass fibers may cause damage to DNA. Fiberglass was nominated as a top safety concern on the

Fiberglass was nominated as a top safety concern on the synthetic mineral fiber list for the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) back in 1994. At that time, it was listed as “reasonably expected to be a human carcinogen” by the National Toxicology Program (NTP). Then in 2011, an updated NTP “Report on Carcinogens noted that evidence from studies of fi­ber properties which indicates that only certain fibers within this glass — specifically, fibers that are biopersistent in the lung or tracheo­bronchial region — are reasonably anticipated to be human carcino­gens.”

Alright, that seems like a minor upgrade from the top safety concern rating.  But in this case, we aren’t talking about using as insulation in your home, we are talking about heating it up and inhaling directly into your lungs, which then puts the biopersistent fibers directly into your lungs and tracheobronchial tubes.

So while it probably won’t give you cancer on your first time using it, it’s a safe bet that any long-term use of a mannequin as a bong is bound to lead to some sort of lung/trachea problems in the future. So I suppose the question still remains, armed with this knowledge would you still take a hit(s) from this mannequin head bong?

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