Sometimes it’s not about pretty, it’s about power: sheer, unadulterated smoking power. It doesn’t matter how beautiful a bong is if it doesn’t hit hard. For those purists out there who pick your glass based sheerly on performance, have no fear, you have not been forgotten. This Touch of Glass is dedicated to YOU! Fasten your seatbelts, because these Powerhouses are going to knock you down for the count!

Boom! Baby

touchofglass power 1 Touch Of Glass #17: Pure Power
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Try to keep from drooling on your screen… this is one of the few pictures on the internet where the last thing you notice is the girl. Look at this beast! Huge water area, triple-twist anti-spill tube, and a percolator that looks like a honeycomb, this is going to be a bumpy night!

Killer coils

touchofglass power 2 Touch Of Glass #17: Pure Power
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This monster is a force to be reckoned with! Triple-coil cooling tower, multiple percolation chambers, this guy is one smooth hitter. It might as well have a bottle of NOS attached to it. You know you want to stare and follow the myriad path of the smoke as it travels up and up. Forget fancy colors, this somber piece needs no flash. It means business.

Coming stacked

touchofglass power 3 Touch Of Glass #17: Pure Power
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No fancy attachments here, this is inline power, pure and simple. Stacked percs, one above the next, this is everything you want, with none of the fluff. This beauty needs no window dressing, because the power is clear. This is the go-to piece when those tough smoking decisions have to be made.

Hits from the bong

touchofglass power 4 Touch Of Glass #17: Pure Power
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Cypress Hill knows a thing or two about smoking, and here, nothing needs to be said. Epic straight tube, fat base podium, and a big bowl. You don’t need anything else, except a friend to light it, and maybe a step ladder. This is the quintessential example of “Go Big or Go Home”. Wherever this piece goes, the party must follow.

Putting the “fun” back in function

touchofglass power 5 Touch Of Glass #17: Pure Power
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This bad boy is all about giving you every way possible to smoke, whether it’s dry herb, dabs, or vaping, all in one unit. You don’t need any fancy color swirls or spikes or unicorns, because this guy is special just the way he is. It is sure to spark some creative smoking sessions, and even looks like it has spark plugs on it. Found this piece for sale at Smoke Cartel, those guys and gals know how to get the job done!

Do you have an epic Powerhouse bong? Something with brute smoking muscle? Share a picture of your monster with us on social media or in the comments below.