There are quite a few countries out there that have a cannabis culture rooted within them. Regardless of whether it is legal or illegal in those countries, we are seeing a rise in cannabis use across the globe. We’re taking a look at five other countries besides the United States that love their weed as much as Americans.

1. Jamaica

5 Countries That Love 1 5 Countries That Love Their Weed As Much As Us
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Now I’m sure you aren’t surprised to see this island of Rastafarian’s on the list. But you may be surprised to know that it is still illegal in Jamaica to sell and consume pot for recreational use. however, due to its more spiritual use in Rastafarianism and its cultural relevance for meditation and medication, it is openly grown, sold and consumed with little to no legal repercussions. You may also be surprised to learn that according to statistics only a mere 9.86% of the population regularly use.

2. Netherlands

5 Countries That Love 2 5 Countries That Love Their Weed As Much As Us
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This is probably the other country you are not surprised to see on the list. The Netherlands have incredibly relaxed  marijuana laws and acceptance of people smoking in public spaces such as bars and cafes. You have no doubt heard about travelers going to Amsterdam to enjoy some weed brownies at the cafe. An estimated 90% of marijuana sales in the Netherlands are made by tourists. It is totally okay to have up to five grams on your person in public or up to thirty grams in your private residence.

3. Ghana

5 Countries That Love 3 5 Countries That Love Their Weed As Much As Us
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Indian hemp is the cheapest and most widely used drug in Ghana. 21.5% of Ghanaians aged 15-64 smoke Indian Hemp. Although it is highly illegal in this country to do so, most Ghanaians have little regard for the law as their cannabis use helps to ease the pain of their day to day lives.

4. Cambodia/ India

5 Countries That Love 4 5 Countries That Love Their Weed As Much As Us
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Both of these countries have a long-standing religious and spiritual history with cannabis.  Both of these countries have a rich Hindu history. The Vedas claimed cannabis as one of five sacred plants intended to create joy and compassion in users while decreasing stress and anxiety. The Hindu god, Shiva, is often associated with cannabis. Similarly, the Khmer people of Cambodia use the plant in their religious ways. Also home to the only temple to the Hindu God Brahma. The embodiment of all 33 million Hindu gods. The Khmer people have made it so hard for the government to get rid of it, that the government has given up trying.  Restaurants even cook with it and offer it as a side dish.

5. North Korea

5 Countries That Love 5 5 Countries That Love Their Weed As Much As Us
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Bet you didn’t expect to see this tyrannically run country on here did you? In North Korea, it is entirely for possession, consumption, and cultivation. it is actually the preferred choice of the lower classes in North Korea as its actually cheaper to buy weed than to buy cigarettes and it’s actually available at the local markets. The shocking conclusion is that marijuana isn’t even considered a drug in North Korea. So surprisingly one of the world’s most oppressive countries in so many ways is the most liberal in its marijuana laws.

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