Guess what? It’s our birthday! Cannabis isn’t about sitting on the couch all day watching Netflix, it is about making the most out of life, so get out there and live the adventure, because wasting time is wasting weed. Get creative, and get going! Here is a list of 10 amazing things to do when you’re high that complement each other perfectly.

1. Walking in nature

1 best things to do high walk nature Top 10 Amazing Things To Do When Youre High
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Go for a walk and enjoy the scenic beauty of the outdoors. Whether you are at a local park, a hiking trail, or even just along a beautiful neighborhood sidewalk, the sights and smells of the great outdoors are so much better when some good herb is flowing in your veins. On top of that, you will be getting some healthy exercise.

My suggestion: Go to a botanical garden and pack some snacks and a camera. The sheer volume of brightly colored flowers will leave you in a good mood the rest of the day.

2. Visit amusement parks

2 best things to do high amusement park Top 10 Amazing Things To Do When Youre High
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Hit the short lines on the roller coasters in the middle of the week and have your own thrill ride-a-thon! The exhilaration of zooming through the air, being blasted into space, and living it up like a kid again is so much better, and easier to handle at our age, with a couple dabs in the system.

My suggestion: Get a long lasting buzz with some hash or edibles and buy a day pass.

3. Arts & crafts

3 best things to do high arts crafts Top 10 Amazing Things To Do When Youre High
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Weed and creativity go hand-in-hand, so let out your inner child and have some fun. If you don’t think you are artsy, take a fat joint and get some fuzzy posters, or even better, get a project that you can enjoy forever and tackle it while the green goddess gives you inspiration. Paint garden boxes, make jewelry, build model cars, just go to your craft store and pick up a project.

My suggestions: A wood burner, stash box, decorate something you will use every day, or go to a pottery class and create a functional piece of art for your home.

4. Writing

4 best things to do high write Top 10 Amazing Things To Do When Youre High
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Whether goofy children’s books or serious sci-fi, you might be surprised how many authors look to weed as a muse. Don’t worry about it being “good” just go with the flow. Poetry, comics, short stories, political rants, pick something that sparks your interest and let your creative juices flow. Hey, you might even decide to write an article for some really awesome magazine or website that ends up getting published (wink, wink)?

5. Make music

5 best things to do high music Top 10 Amazing Things To Do When Youre High
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Music becomes something so much more when you are tuned in and turned on. Whether you are just grooving out with headphones to your favorite playlist or feeling the bass thump as you dance in your living room to your stereo, music soothes the savage beast.

My suggestion: See live music, especially a symphony or orchestra. Listening to the strings tear at the very fabric of your soul, or an opera singer pouring her heart out in a language you don’t understand, but still do deep down, it can give you chills. If you don’t have those options available, go see a band, or even better, karaoke!

6. Engage is some roleplay

6 best things to do high role playing Top 10 Amazing Things To Do When Youre High
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Being high is better than being normal, so why be normal while being high? If you really want to feel far out there, get out there to a comic convention or other cosplay/ roleplay event. Aliens, monsters, robots, cartoons… all walking around and letting you take pictures with them. You might even bump into an idol or favorite character from a show!

My suggestion: If you can’t get to a comic-con, go to a renaissance festival. Just as much fun, and usually more swordplay.

7. Home projects

7 best things to do high home projects Top 10 Amazing Things To Do When Youre High
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Let’s face it, no one really enjoys chores unless you get to be high doing them. Suddenly you have motivation, and the act of moving around and cleaning can be very calming both mentally and emotionally. If you get anxious when you smoke, cleaning house is a great way to alleviate that inner turmoil.

My suggestion: Make a list and reward yourself with another joint or bowl every time you scratch one off. My personal favorites are dishes, gardening, detailing the car, and folding laundry, but ONLY when baked.

8. Go camping

8 best things to do high camping Top 10 Amazing Things To Do When Youre High
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Nothing says in touch with nature like being completely baked out in the middle of nowhere with nowhere else to go and no one around. Walk right out in the open with a joint in hand and enjoy a hint of the smoking freedom that one day will be a reality for everyone everywhere.

My suggestion: Lake shore, bonfire, fishing, and friends.

9. Cooking

9 best things to do high cooking Top 10 Amazing Things To Do When Youre High
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Want to feel that creative buzz and satisfy your munchies at the same time? Then it’s time to whip out the old cookbook, and find something fun and challenging at the same time. Experiment, go big and have fun. If it turns out good, you can reward yourself. If it turns out bad, just blame the buzz, not your lack of cooking skills.

My suggestion: Barbecue and invite friends, and make some stellar baked goodies to share. Be sure to check out our cannabis-infused recipes, or our recipe books.

10. Make love

10 best things to do high make love Top 10 Amazing Things To Do When Youre High
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That’s right, no list of awesome activities to do while high would be complete without mentioning sex. Cannabis makes love-making more intense, more intimate, and also makes orgasm last longer. Start off with a joint and an edible, then move onto some sensual massage until the edible kicks in, then the rest is none of my business.

My suggestion: Try out some of that amazing canna-lube for couples. You won’t be disappointed.

What do you love to do while high? Share your ideas on social media or in the comments below.

 Top 10 Amazing Things To Do When Youre High

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