If you want to smoke a great spliff out in plain view, but don’t want the attention, then you need to watch how the German Weed Boys make one of my favorite go-to smoking solutions, the Secret Agent.

What is a Secret Agent?

With this spliff looking exactly like a cigarette, (because it is made from one), if anyone catches a whiff of that herb, the will look right past you with confusion, and you can rest easy. The process is easy, if a little tedious, just don’t break the paper.

Step 1: What you will need

  • a grinder
  • marijuana
  • cigarettes

Step 2: Prep the paper

Roll the tobacco out of the cigarette (gently, you don’t want to crush or wrinkle the tube!)

Step 3: Grinding

Put the tobacco and the weed in your grinder and grind it up. This helps with putting it back in the tube, and as a bonus, helps to disguise the distinctive smell of herb!

Step 4: Out with the old

Roll the filter of the cigarette and pull it out. You can use your fingers or tweezers if you don’t have nails, but make sure not to crush the tube!

Step 5: In with the new

Roll a new filter that perfectly in your empty cigarette. Want some filter ideas? Check out these amazing filters!

Step 6: Pack it in

Fill the cigarette with your mixture of tobacco and weed, and stuff it in there!

Step 7: Light up!

Heck, fill up a whole pack of cigarettes with these, and you are ready to roll.

Have you tried a Secret Agent before? Doesn’t it work like a charm? Share your funniest Secret Agent smoking in public stories on social media or in the comments below.