If you have all the weed in the world to spare, then this is a “why not?” kind of situation. It probably takes an enormous circle of people to smoke a 1-ounce cannon joint, and if you’re attempting it on your own then kudos to you. This is perhaps one of those endeavors for growers out there who have a lot of weed to spare and would like to give the best gift a friend can give!


So this project is all about spliffogami. The trick to successfully rolling a joint big enough to hold one ounce of weed is in the paperwork. Sticking the papers together is crucial, and this guy has a pretty clever method. He only uses 9 papers in total to roll this joint which is about twice the length of his hand. It’s also important to make a roach that is big enough to support a joint that weighs one ounce!

The mystery here really lies in exactly how one smokes a one-ounce joint. It would surely be extremely difficult to suck smoke through one entire ounce of fluffy, chopped weed. Watch the video to see how the one-ounce cannon joint is rolled!

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