On one of his famous Lazy Mondaze, Crutch 420 takes big hits using his homemade moon rocks on his gravity bong and displays how effective this consumption style can be. A gravity bong is a style of smoking that uses atmospheric pressure to push smoke from your burning herb into a chamber of some kind, and then using the opposite pressure to bring the smoke from the chamber into your lungs. The premise is simple, but it is best displayed in the video below.

Moon Rocks

moonrocks gravity bong kief Moonrocks & Gravity Bongs: A Match Made In Heaven
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Moon rocks are a style of bud that have been dipped in hash oil and then dusted with some nice kief. One of the greatest joys of having moon rocks is when the bud is broken open and you can see the oil that got soaked into your flower. The smell and taste are often much better than just any flower because you get to enjoy 3 different flavours during your hit, the flower, the oil, and the kief. Considering this style of cannabis is usually $20-30 a gram, it’s best enjoyed on special occasions with good company. An alternative is to just attempt to make your own, which is easier than it seems.

Have you ever made a gravity bong with your friends? Would you consider adding moon rocks during your next attempt? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.