If there is one day of the year celebrated by both casual observers of cannabis and its most hardcore supporters, it is 420. The unofficial holiday, which, according to lore, was first brought about by teenagers in San Rafael, California, has sprouted celebrations all over the world in recent years. With so many from which to choose, we’ve compiled a short list of events from across the globe that you will not want to miss on this most sacred of holidays.

1. Snoop Dogg, Future & Friends (Denver, Co.)

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Though there are almost countless 4/20 events occurring in the current Mecca of America’s cannabis users, the highlight features uncle Snoop at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater, an outdoor venue that is almost certain to attract its share of fun- and music-loving cannabis aficionados.

2. A Taste of THC (Los Angeles, CA)

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This low-key, late-evening event located at a downtown LA penthouse party will feature a DJ, special guests, and even a dab bar for the more serious of the clientele. You’re almost guaranteed to meet someone at this party who is cooler than you are.

3. 420 Toronto 2016 (Toronto, Canada)

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A longtime host for bosh public events and performances as well as tourists, the Yonge-Dundas Square this year is the site of a vibrant 420 celebration. The festival, which also features a comedy festival, multiple bands, and dozens of booths for vendors, plans to showcase Toronto’s embrace of cannabis culture in stunning fashion.

4. Massive One Love Block Party (Washington, D.C.)

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The marketing and branding website One Love Massive celebrates the launch of its new website with an all-out 4/20 block party, complete with 15 different DJs throughout the day. The nation’s capital is a city that loves its music and cannabis –showing it through the staging of a massive recent pro-cannabis rally in front of the White House– and plans to showcase that love in resounding fashion.

5. Hempfest (Seattle, Wash.)

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The renowned metropolis of Washington, one of the few states with recreational-cannabis legalization laws on the books, showcases at HempFest not only its love of cannabis, but its love of social activism: The rally is also hosting a raffle for Jimmy Romans, a man sentenced to life in prison for selling cannabis. Anyone worth their cup of Seattle coffee will be due to check this one out.

6. 420 Festival (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

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Every year the city hosts a massive celebration outside of the Amsterdam City Hall and The Sand Beachsport and Event Complex, located near the heart of the city. The event features copious amounts of drinking, music, and of course, smoking. People from all over the world turn out for this event, so you will not want to miss it.

7. Washington Square Park Smokeout (New York, NY)

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Washington Square Park, the Lower East Side landmark that has catered to the alt, counterculture crowds of New Yorkers for generations, plans to host a traditional rally in support of cannabis legalization. It being New York, there are plenty of nearby places before and after the rally to treat yourself to some delicious munchies. (Pro tip: Check out Joe’s Pizza nearby on 7 Carmine Street, just off of 6th Avenue.)

8. Hyde Park 4/20 Rally (London, England)

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Londoners have a reputation for enjoying their recreational activities, and this onetime ’60s home to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and the current thriving hip-hop scene is no stranger to loving cannabis. This rally, located in the Speaker’s Corner section of Hyde Park (closest tube station: Marble Arch) is sure to attract its share of cannabis lovers, casual enthusiasts, and refreshingly-outright weirdos.

9. 420 Festival (Orlando, Florida)

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If it takes place in Orlando, chances are it’s going to be wild. The city’s 420 Festival features a giant water slide and an drag show, among other events, all in support of fighting breast cancer. Trust us, you’ll be glad you skipped the day at Disney for this one.

10. MassCann/NORML Cannabis Gathering (Boston, MA)

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While Bostonians can be known as much for their tempestuousness as for their contributions to education and society, at this gathering you will find nothing but love. The city plays host to an event hosted by MassCann and NORML, at which gatherers will be able to talk cannabis while mellowing in the backdrop of the Boston Commons.

Did you get to any of these events? Share your 420 tales with us on social media or in the comments below.