In this installment of my series, I had to admire not only the intricate form of glass artistry but the alluring mystery of the female form as well. Whether representations of Elementals, Faeries, The Divine Spirit, or Mother Nature herself, these tasteful depictions of a universal truth. If not for Woman, none of us would be here! So take a moment to reflect on the virtues of the fairer sex, then take another to appreciate these beautiful ladies with Touch of Glass: Femme Fatales.

Mia Shea

touch of glass 19 1 Touch Of Glass #19: Femme Fatales

Known as the “Fire Fairy” to those who have seen her amazing work, Mia Shea is a female glass artist in a league of her own. An independent working out of Asheville, North Carolina, she explores the beauty of the human form in the guise of functional glass art. In this piece, a woman rides a surfboard, caressing the fronds of a palm tree, invoking the fun and adventurous spirit of oceans and beaches. You can find her work at the Smoke Cartel, as well as directly through her.

Inverted natural

touch of glass 19 2 Touch Of Glass #19: Femme Fatales

With a pose reminiscent of hot rod magazines, and the signature wild flowing dreadlock hair of Lace Face Glass this bong is startlingly picturesque. With delicate leaves and a translucent bubbling chamber, it evokes the Fall wind, rustling leaves and blowing hair. The clouds could well be rolling in, or in this case, out of this piece for you to enjoy.

Sweet charms

touch of glass 19 3 Touch Of Glass #19: Femme Fatales

Made by Joe P x Ram (Robert Micklesen), this Lady of the Dabs is a masterfully crafted form. The intricacy of the rest of the piece, from the honeycomb to the bees, is only enhanced by the central figure that accents this rig. The detail in the semi-opaque glass from the locks of hair to the individual fingers is fantastic.


touch of glass 19 4 Touch Of Glass #19: Femme Fatales

A collaborator on the honey rig above, Robert Micklesen crafted this masterpiece with Eusheen Goynes, titled Elementia. A goddess-like figure frozen in the delicate dance of balancing the elements, represented by various geometric forms. If you love his work, check out his personal site. Rest assured, you will spot more of his work here in the future.

Angels and demons

touch of glass 19 5 Touch Of Glass #19: Femme Fatales

This cathedral-like work depicts not only amazing attention to detail- loads of it! 3 angels battle 3 demons to reach the top and guard the herb, with a psychedelic swirl of helix DNA as a staircase. Perhaps this piece is meant to represent the potential for Good and Evil that resides in each of us. The swirls of DNA represent the Yin and Yang, light and dark, sending the message even deeper into our souls.

There is plenty of “art” (or what passes for art) out there that degrades women, but it is refreshing to see art that empowers and glorifies them, as only Mary Jane can understand.

What is the theme of your glass art? Science? Fantasy? Nature? Or is it all about function? Share your thoughts on social media or in the comments below.