Pipes and bongs can be made to look like anything. Pirate ships, swords, dragons, animals, trees… But on rare occasion, sometimes it’s best that “a cigar just be a cigar”. It’s all about smoking some dank buds, right? With that frame of mind, this week’s collection is one that pays homage to the simplicity of calling a spade a spade and making the glass all about the weed. I present Touch of Glass: Ganja Glass.

Leaf on the glass

touchofglass 20 1 Touch Of Glass #20: Ganja Glass
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Sometimes, we get so caught up with concealing our smoking devices we forget that we should celebrate the good herb. This pair of pipes features a tropical color swirl and a cannabis leaf bowl cover, perfect for knowing exactly what is supposed to go inside.

A bud for all buds

touchofglass 20 2 Touch Of Glass #20: Ganja Glass
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Why not smoke a bud inside another bud? It has a funny “Turducken” sense of irony, but hey, it works. This fat nug will make you want to coordinate your greens to match it, orange hairs and lime green accents. Although maybe seeing a bud this big make your stash seem paltry in comparison? Don’t get bud envy; it’s not the size of bud that you smoke, it’s the size of the smoke in the bud.

In for a penny, in for a pound

touchofglass 20 3 Touch Of Glass #20: Ganja Glass
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Why not jar up that bud in some fine glass to keep it fresh? I don’t thin this is what some growers had in mind when they try to water cure their bud, but I like it better. Watch the milky smoke literally rise up off the bud with this bong, and enjoy the only bud that you can smoke again and again.

Trio of trophies

touchofglass 20 4 Touch Of Glass #20: Ganja Glass
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This quality JSyn Lord Glass set just makes you want to start looking for holiday wrapping paper. 420-holiday paper that is. With the green and blue swirls and pot leaves of various shapes and sizes, this set is a dead-giveaway to what the surprise is. I love how the clear glass beads that festoon the pieces are reminiscent of the glistening trichomes that we look forward to seeing in a quality smoke.

All aboard

touchofglass 20 5 Touch Of Glass #20: Ganja Glass
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This is an epic combination of realistic-looking buds inside the engine and fantastically detailed leaves on the outside! This train is steamrolling into the station with some churning, bubbling smoke coming out the stack. The detail of the wheels, the cattle guard, and the cab alone make this a piece worthy of note, but the theme… priceless!

Do you have an amazing piece of smoking glass? Something your friends ooh and aww over? Share your precious “baby” pictures with us on social media or in the comments below.