Remember, Mother’s Day is only seconds away. If you think you mom, or the one your own kid’s call mom, deserves to sit back, relax and enjoy a day just for her, then help her make the most of it with a gift that really says “I love you”. 

Moms work hard

2 12 The Gift That Keeps On Giving This Mothers Day
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Too often, moms are taken for granted. Raising us is just what they do. But if you remember half of the stress you put her through, then you realize that she is a hero and a saint. If you love your lady and know what a handful your own kids can be, do right by her.

More mothers are discovering the rejuvenating powers of cannabis for relaxing after a long day, or getting the nerve up to start another one. Make life simple for the moms. They like to have things organized. Put a smile on her face with everything she needs to let her hair down in one neat package, delivered right to her door.

Buddabox loves moms

3 11 The Gift That Keeps On Giving This Mothers Day
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She taught you the value of shopping smart, so show her you were listening with the best value on the market. You won’t get this much kush cargo in any other cannabox anywhere else, let alone for as little as $19 a month! Even better, you can get a 6-month subscription for $90, which breaks down to just $15 a month. Mom will be proud.

Filled with great gadgets to make things easy on her, BuddaBox comes packed with grinders, hemp wicks, lighters, debowlers, silicone containers, bongs, cones, stickers, rolling papers, and high-quality glass pipes in every box.

If the most important woman in your life needs even stronger relief, the 710Box offers more dab- related herbal gear than any subscription box on the market.

Supporting moms, supporting you

buddaboxsnapchat The Gift That Keeps On Giving This Mothers Day
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With free shipping, complete discretion, and a money-back guarantee, BuddaBox makes it easy to give your mom the best. They are the most responsive 420 subscription box out there with top range customer service, Facebook messaging, phone support, and email.

Their SnapChat is loaded with rapid responses and great videos to help her know exactly how to use your gift, and what to look forward to next month.Their SnapChat is the best! Add them to get an inside look at the team, warehouse, product sneak peeks, special deals and more @buddabox420.

Kids don’t stop being kids, so get her a great subscription that will help her make it through, month after month.

Get more for mom, for less

bb2 The Gift That Keeps On Giving This Mothers Day
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Not only will BuddaBox let you, (and your mom) enjoy quality products for up to 60% off retail, but you can use the code BUDDABOX10 to get an additional 10% off new subscriptions. There’s even a special discount code for Mother’s Day. Type in 420MOM, and get a sweet deal for a sweet lady.

To top it all off, you can get a gift certificate in the confirmation email to give to her, just in case you are shopping at the last minute.

There are four different box options that each features a quality glass piece, plus an exclusive dabber box that comes with a full rig every time.

  • Classic “420” box – 1 month – $19
  • Classic “420” box – 3 months – $51 ($17/mo)
  • Classic “420” box – 6 months – $90 ($15/mo)
  • Specially Curated “710” dabbers box – $59

If you love her half as much as you love the herb, don’t wait until its too late, give your mom or the special mother in your life the gift that keeps on giving, and order BuddaBox today! Consider it an imperative.

And don’t forget to use the special Mother’s Day special code.

Have you tried and loved your BuddaBox? What was your favorite surprise? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.