The Youtuber Master Bong has created a handy video tutorial for making your own Life Savers pipe from the legendary candy. This pipe can be a very cool party piece as it can be eaten after the session!

Top Tip: Freeze your Life Savers pipe

Master Bong makes a good point for the final step in the creation of the Life Savers pipe. After sticking the candy together, he suggests putting the pipe in the freezer for a couple minutes. This should help solidify the separate candy pieces together so your pipe doesn’t fall apart in the middle of a smoke circle.

It could also help cool down the smoke as you inhale, thus reducing the harshness on your lungs which should keep the coughing to a minimum.

Master Bong also recommends using some of the wrapper when you actually begin to smoke the pipe. It should help keep the pipe from getting your hands sticky, as well as keeping things sanitary if you plan on passing it around a circle.

Would you try and make one of these Life Savers pipes in times of need? Or is it just a party gimmick? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.