Throughout history elephants have been revered. They are most intelligent creatures and honored by many cultures. In Buddhist tradition, the Buddha picked the form of a white elephant as one of his many incarnations, and to this day the rare appearance of a white elephant is still heralded as a manifestation of the gods. The Hindu god Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, has the head of an elephant. Presenting Touch of Glass: A Sesh with Ganesh.

Galactic pachyderm

touchofglass 21 1 A Touch Of Glass #21: A Sesh With Ganesh
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This elephant could be holding the universe on his back, with star maps flecked across his skin. His tusks stand tall like the Pillars of Creation (a famous space phenomenon), and toenails are like clusters of galaxies. Get lost in his wise stare, as old as creation itself, and feel the wisdom of this stellar elephant. You can pack this pachyderm with some Moonrocks and travel the stars.


touchofglass 21 2 A Touch Of Glass #21: A Sesh With Ganesh
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In India, elephants are sacred creatures and are often elaborately decorated with body paint for holidays. One of the most sacred days of the year in the Hindu calendar is Holi, the Festival of Color. In spring, festival goers and believers gather for two days of friendly fire, blasting both family and strangers with colored powder and water.

They also enjoy partaking of the herb in the form of bhang, as well as smoking both flower and hashish. In America, the festival has reached a secular status in Spring Color fests and charitable fun-runs.


touchofglass 21 3 A Touch Of Glass #21: A Sesh With Ganesh
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As mentioned above, elephants are prized in India, and the Hindu god Ganesh is often represented as having an elephant head or form. This glass bong is decked out in godly fashion with electroformed copper plating as body decoration and rows of tiny beads along the ridges of his ears. Proudly raising his trumpet in song, he knows he rules.

Err-lephant dab rig

touchofglass 21 4 A Touch Of Glass #21: A Sesh With Ganesh
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This heady rig is definitely psychedelic. Trip out like Dumbo at the circus with this guy leading the parade. I think he actually had a cameo in the movie, along with other creatures you might see while tripping out.

In any case, the mandala bead on his chest will keep you spiritually centered as you explore the furthest reaches of the cosmos from the comfort of your couch. This piece inspired this collection of ivory-tusked imbibers, and is my personal favorite.

(This piece inspired this article of ivory-tusked imbibers and is my personal favorite).

Circus performer

touchofglass 21 5 A Touch Of Glass #21: A Sesh With Ganesh
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Taking his job at the circus a little too far, this rig turns an elephant into an amusement park, for your smoking pleasure. Reminiscent of the swing-go-rounds you often find at traveling fairs, and enjoying his own infused lollipop, this tall rig will definitely leave your head spinning.

What is your cannabis spirit animal? Elephant, sloth, ferret, owl, what creature speaks to your heart when you imbibe? Share yours on social media or in the comments below.