If you are a bud smoker, and you have been itching to try concentrates, but want to know what to expect, then this video is a great mouth-watering breakdown. did an interview with WeedMaps user SDScrapIron a patient grower in San Diego, to get his opinion on concentrates.

The first time I ever encountered wax…

“My friend was calling it Honey Oil, it was a golden concoction of alchemy that I cannot explain. He had changed my life. It was an epiphany, it was like smoking an entire blunt or an entire sack to my face in one dab.”

When people ask me “What’s wax?”

“It’s probably the best hash you will ever smoke, so how do you like them apples?”

“If I had to compare wax and bubble hash: bubble hash goes through a cold water process, you have different bags, different micron screens on the bottom of them. You do an ice process with water.”

“Now in comparison to wax or honey oil, its basically a totally different process to start with. In making wax you can use an alcohol wash, you can do butane extraction, I’ve heard of people using nitrous oxide, CO2, basically anything you can do a super-critical extraction with.”

How it smokes

Bubble hash will bubble when you light it, and it won’t completely melt down most of the time… Wax will completely melt down… It’s extremely delicious. It will soak right into the flowers and make your flowers last a super long time. It’s extremely, extremely potent.”


Scrap Iron goes on to say that wax is extremely pure and flavorful while bubble hash can be harsher because you are also getting some of the residual plant matter from the ice extraction process.

A tip from SDScrapIron? Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Smoke in moderation. Meanwhile, get your mouth watering with the beautiful melting waxes and honey shown in the video.

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