The lengths some people will go to avoid getting busted by their parents is always hilarious, but in this video from Buzzfeed Yellow, the awkwardness gets taken to a whole new level. Make sure to put on a soft glove, as the indent from smacking your forehead could leave a mark.

The awkward ex-stepmom

Before I even get started on the cringe-worthy Parks and Recreation quality character acting and the eye-rolling examples of out of touch drug knowledge, let’s take a look at the setup going on in this video. Taken from the point of view of the teen in this video, your father’s clingy former wife, who is not your mother, comes over to bring homemade fudge. That is a dysfunction that deserves its own sitcom.

The twist

Using reverse psychology to keep from getting busted is a tried and true tactic, but here it goes horribly awry as the unwelcome visitor turned weed police is first swayed to not only forget about busting the teen like an episode of Phineas and Ferb (I watch it with my kids) but even tricked into reimbursing the teen for the exorbitant cost of the joint.

The jaw-dropping comedic blunder doesn’t stop there. This cunning teen is quick on her feet as the father appears, just as both a joint and money are being exchanged. Suddenly, the sweet if naive ex-stepmom is forced into a tight spot, vouching for the weed as her own, to keep the daughter from being busted. Being cool can be so difficult sometimes.

Icing on the cake

As if the character isn’t goofy enough, the ex-step mom’s bluff is called by the dad, who is unconvinced that the weed doesn’t belong to his daughter. If you want to know what happens next, you are going to have to watch and find out. No spoilers here.

What lengths have you gone to in order to avoid getting in trouble with your family? Teen use is obviously unacceptable, but we know it happens. What would you do to your teen if you caught them using cannabis? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.