Get ready for some visual candy with Master Bong as he takes us inside a trim room where he shows us how to roll a hash tube. The process is simple, but the resulting high is spectacular!

Step 1: Get some hash

When trimming your crop, you are going to end up with some gunk on your hands. If you don’t want to spend the rest of the night scrubbing the sticky stuff off your hands, I suggest you wear gloves. You can rub the residue off of your hands into a ball of hash, however, but it will be an exercise in determination.

Step 2: Roll it out

Get your ball of hash and rub it between your hands to make a long thin roll. Grab some wax paper and press the hash in between two layers.

Step 3: Heat and flatten

Using a torch and a glass jar or other cylindrical object that can take the heat, first heat your rolling pin equivalent until it is nice and hot, but not hot enough to ignite the hash or paper. It just needs to be really, really, warm. If you don’t have a torch, you can boil the rolling device in hot water. In either case, just make sure not to get burned.

Step 4: Roll and dry

Take the glass jar and roll over the wax paper, pressing down to make a pancake shape. Once flattened out, remove gently from the wax paper and roll into a tube, then let dry out for a couple days.

Step 5: Light and enjoy your hash tube

The bigger the hash tube, the better. You don’t want to roll it too thin, as it becomes brittle as it dries. Once it is dry, light it up and smoke it just like a joint.

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