Cannabis is a special plant, one-of-a-kind in its panacea of uses for health and well-being. When we look for a bong or pipe to express our love of the plant, we want it to embody our uniqueness as well. Finding a glass piece that exudes that rare and magical quality can, at times, be as hard as say, finding a unicorn. With that in mind enjoy this week’s tribute to all things cute and mythical with Touch of Glass: Unicorns.


touchofglass22 1 A Touch Of Glass #22: Unicorns
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It may seem corny, but the love of unicorns runs deep in the blood for some people. As mythical as dragons, and even more elusive, they are noble creatures, as is this dab rig made by ACE glass. A bit more feminine than my taste, but the work to bring this pink swirled creation to life is art, no question.

Rainbows and sprinkles

touchofglass22 2 A Touch Of Glass #22: Unicorns
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Unicorns and rainbows, flowers and frivolity come together in this prancing pony, with details that show an impressive level of skill. This is a fancy unicorn, and the intricacy of the colored spirals and petals of the flowers is sure to help it gallop into your heart.

Purple Pegasus

touchofglass22 3 A Touch Of Glass #22: Unicorns
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A pegasus, or winged horse, is a mythical creature that dates back to ancient Greece, in tales of heroes riding the intelligent stallion and defeating monsters. A pegasus is also supposed to be able to cause water to spring from the earth where it strikes its hoof.

Maybe the tales of flying horses and ancient use of cannabis have more in common than we think?

My little weed pony

touchofglass22 4 A Touch Of Glass #22: Unicorns
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I’m sure at this point, many of the more macho types are sick of rearing ponies looking cute and adorable. Well for any true weed lover, this decked-out tribute to the myth of myths: the weed unicorn, is sure to bring more fans into the fold. I doubt any man would refuse a hit from this stylish stallion.

Maybe you don’t like unicorns

touchofglass22 5 A Touch Of Glass #22: Unicorns
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I know that cute and cuddly sometimes makes more mature audiences want to fill a hat, so to speak, so for all the horsey-haters out there, maybe this piece is more up your alley. Putting the creepy factor into the mix, ACE glass decided to mock its collection of unicorns with a zombie version.

This dab rig is sure to startle and make tears well in the eyes of true unicorn lovers, but the detail of the ribs and skull is fantastic. The piece looks completely normal from one side, but the other is a horror show. Maybe this is the perfect piece for the lady who likes both cute and crazy, like mine. Two great things that go great together? I don’t know, you be the judge. Still, if unique is what you are going for, you would be hard pressed to beat it.

What makes a smoking piece stand out to you, cute, sleek, psychedelic? Share your preferences on social media or in the comments section below.