It is here, the day you have been waiting for! I’m not talking about Christmas or tax returns… It’s National Chocolate Chip Day! Where would snacks be without the chocolate chip? To pay homage to this tasty invention, HERB has compiled 3 great recipes you should get started on right now to have an herbal holiday celebration!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

5 4 Oh Hi, Did You Know Its Choc Chip Cookie Day?
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Not quite like grandma used to make, these delicious edibles are packed with THC goodness. With that in mind, maybe you should return the favor and bake some for your grandmother. All it takes is 30 minutes to create a batch of soft, mouth-watering treats that will leave the whole family happy…  If you decide to share. Check out the recipe here.

Cannabis Chocolate Chip Coconut Oil Cookies, a twist on the classic cookie

3 16 Oh Hi, Did You Know Its Choc Chip Cookie Day?
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A cookie is just a cookie, unless it is made with coconut oil. This healthy fat can boost thyroid function and increase healthy HDL cholesterol. A great twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe, these delicious treats are sure to please, just make sure to enjoy in moderation. They pack a punch! Check out the recipe here.

Sour cream coffee cake

4 13 Oh Hi, Did You Know Its Choc Chip Cookie Day?
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Want your chocolate chips in a more sophisticated treat? Then you have to try these buttery cinnamon coffee cakes with just the right amount of chocolate chip, streusel, and swirl. Check out the recipe here.

Cookie dough bites

2 17 Oh Hi, Did You Know Its Choc Chip Cookie Day?
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The greatest indulgence you will ever know is the joy you get from eating cookie dough. Long ago, you fought hard cleaning, taking out the trash, and sabotaging your siblings just to be the child chosen to lick the mixing spoon when Mom made cookies. That is until everyone jumped on the “raw eggs are bad” bandwagon with scares about salmonella. Now that joy is back!

With this easy recipe, you can relive that childhood memory with an egg-free, cannabis infused treat that will melt your heart (as it heads to your love-handles). Even better, it uses coconut canna-oil, so it is filled with healthy fats. Make some and indulge. You have done enough adulting for one day. Check out the recipe here.

Cooking with cannabis

1 17 Oh Hi, Did You Know Its Choc Chip Cookie Day?
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If you love making edible infused dishes as much as we do, then you should get our cookbook. HERB: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis is filled with savory delights for every occasion, from snack time to meal time. Nothing brings out the satisfaction of a good meal like an herbal infusion. Edibles help your green friend last longer and relieve aches and pains stronger than any other method of ingestion.

That’s why in legal states the edibles market is a huge hit with medical patients and seniors. Get all the medicine without smoking it. Get yourself a copy of the cookbook on Amazon.

Do you make your own edibles? What do you like to infuse the most? Candies, meals, pastries? Share your favorites with us on social media or in the comments below.