Making a juice box bubbler is easy and great for a discreet way to enjoy some fine herb anywhere you go. Master Bong shows us how in this video. Simply get a juice box, preferably in a flavor that compliments your herb, and enjoy a sip or two! Now get ready for a quick modification to make your very own Juice Box Bubbler.

Step 1: Sippin some juice

To get this bubbler flowing, you will need to remove some of the juice to get a good level for your bubbler. Take a few sips and get the box down to about half way empty.

Step 2: Juice box overhaul

The first thing you need to do is get a bigger straw. The best ones to use are harder plastic, as they won’t bend or collapse. Widen the hole to just a little bit smaller than the straw and gently force it in. Check the seal around the straw by sucking on it to see if the box tries to collapse from the suction.

Step 3: Make your bowl stem

Get a basic pen and empty out the insides. Twist a bowl into the open end. If you work it a little, you can get some clean threading carved into the plastic for a nice, solid fit. After the bowl is secure, measure the length of stem you need against the side of the box, and cut the pen body down to fit. Now the other end is open.

Step 4: Second hole

Get your sharp object handy, and pierce the other side of the box to create a spot for the bowl. Master Bong likes to use a Kasher tool for a lot of his McGuyver-ing needs, and it comes in handy time and time again. Again, make sure the hole is a little small, and push the bowl stem in.

Step 5: Load your juice box bubbler

Now, all you need to do is load the bowl and you are good to go!

What’s better than a bit of juice and some great cannabis? Some people put alcohol, Dr.Pepper, or fruit juice in their bong or bubbler to get a unique flavor in their smoke. What is our favorite liquid to use?

Have you ever made a juice box bubbler? Share with us on social media or in the comments below.