Smoking pot is as easy as rolling a joint or lighting a bowl. It’s intuitive, and should be after smoking it for millennia. Concentrates are a whole other game, however, with different attachments, techniques, and etiquette that aren’t so widely represented in popular culture. For those new to the dab scene, it can be a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Dabs 101

3 21 How Well Do You Know Your Way Around A Dab Rig?
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In order to smoke concentrates, you can add them to joints, or sprinkle them on top of a bowl of herb, but to get the true experience, you need a dab rig. What is a dab rig? Well similar to a bong, it is a smoking device that consists of some familiar parts like a smoke chamber, bowl stem, and mouth piece.

There are some new parts that are very important that you need to learn, however:

  • Concentrate: Kief, hash, and charas are also considered concentrates, but not necessarily dabs.
  • Dab: A form of concentrate, whether in wax, honey oil, budder, or shatter form.
  • Dab rig: A separate rig for smoking concentrates. Regular herb can affect the taste.
  • Nail: The titanium or quartz surface that is heated, then has the concentrate or dab applied.
  • Domes: These are hollow bowls that surround the nail to direct the vapor down the stem.
  • Torch: Nails require higher temperatures than regular herb, so a lighter won’t cut it.
  • Dabber : The tool used to apply the concentrate to the nail after it is heated.
  • Other accessories: Dab rigs can also feature some of these add-ons, like pre-coolers, reclaimers, drop-downs, ice-catchers, shovels, buckets, dome caps, e-nails and more.

BuddaBox 710 box

2 22 How Well Do You Know Your Way Around A Dab Rig?
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If it all seems like a hefty investment, or a bit overwhelming to switch from straight up bud to the realm of dabs, don’t be intimidated. You will pick it up in no time.

Meanwhile, there is a great way to get started. BuddaBox, the #1 cannabis subscription box, has a 710 line dedicated exclusively to dabs. Even better, every box comes complete with a full rig.

Quality, value, and service

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For only $59, not only do you get a quality dab rig, but they throw in tons of great accessories, like dab mats to keep your smoking area clean, dab tools, nails, torches, as well as lots of other great bonuses.

Add the BuddaBox SnapChat account to see reviews on everything that comes in the box, and show you how to get some huge hits off each rig. Add them @buddabox420 to see! BuddaBox also offer 24/7 customer support via email, Facebook and Facebook Messaging, SnapChat, and phone support.

Check out the video below to see all the kind of gear you get with BuddaBox.

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Are you just getting into the dabbing scene? Tell us what your early experiences have been like? Are you a dabber for life now? Share with us on social media or in the comments below.