We have a lot of names for cannabis. Herb, ganja, weed, bud, but the reality is that all this fuss is over a flower. Hippies embraced the power of peace, and symbolized it with flowers in the hair, on signs, and as part of their counter-culture. They also embraced cannabis. With that in mind, enjoy this week’s installment of Touch of Glass: Flower Power.

Pretty blue pipe

A Touch Of Glass 23 1 A Touch Of Glass #23: Flower Power
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Hailing from The Glass House TX, this rich pipe is a wonder of swirled blue serenity. A nice handheld design that is both vibrant and stylish with its twisted pipe stem layout, and playful palette of blue and white. This is a piece you could pull out of your pocket and be proud of.

Elegantly simple

A Touch Of Glass 23 2 A Touch Of Glass #23: Flower Power
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This beautifully simplistic piece is a sherlock pipe that is both enhanced and balanced by the flower it has been transformed into. With muted black and pale green, the lily is touched with black veins on the green leaves, and makes for a sophisticated appeal.


A Touch Of Glass 23 3 A Touch Of Glass #23: Flower Power
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Flowers aren’t just for pretty plants. Sometimes the most fragile blooms grow from the toughest of plants. This cactus is a bong that features a decidedly less than comfortable grip, but a Southwest appeal that would be welcomed by my friends and family in Texas (the ones that smoke, anyway). Still, put on your cowboy hat and take a rip from this beauty, for a West Texas high.

Venus fly trap

A Touch Of Glass 23 4 A Touch Of Glass #23: Flower Power
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I have to add the plant that devours all others, the Venus Fly Trap. Its flowers actually devour small insects, and even pieces of hamburger! Talk about flower power! This impressive piece of heady glass is sure to make you check your bud for teeth before you reach in the jar.

The cream of the crop

A Touch Of Glass 23 5 A Touch Of Glass #23: Flower Power
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This bong is amazing, flowers or not! Imagine the hits you can take from the bowl on that flower. Yes, now you know what to get your special someone for Valentine’s Day. This piece has it all: Deep, rich color, smooth fades, intricate swirls, multiple artistic focuses, and one hell of a powerhouse bong to put them on! If you want to have a centerpiece for your glass garden, this is it.

What is your favorite flower, besides cannabis? Share with us on social media or in the comments below.