As we strive to bring cannabis into public acceptance and mainstream appreciation, the plant is getting a makeover. Not just in its image, but in the ways people use it. From oils and capsules to patches and creams, it is quickly going to be as normal as lavender for relaxation, chamomile for sleep, guarana for energy, and sugar for making life a little sweeter. As a matter of fact, it just did. Now you can get your THC in any way your sweet tooth decides with cannabis sugar.

Cannabis sugar, a gem of an idea

High Science 1 2 High Science: Life Will Be Sweeter With Cannabis Sugar
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No more trying to keep your stash from stinking, or your vape from spilling. Forget the calories of cannabutter or the bitterness of oils. DeepCell Products has made the world’s first THC sweetener. Move over Stevia, because Ruby Cannabis Sugar is going to go places. Every place you can think of, in fact, because unlike oils and butter, it is completely soluble in water, coffee, tea, smoothies, etc. As if sugar weren’t habit forming enough already.

Oh yes

High Science 2 High Science: Life Will Be Sweeter With Cannabis Sugar
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Ruby Cannabis Sugar is a unique canna-product because it also has little to any flavor. A subtle, nutty hint is the most you will get with your sweetness. It also has the benefit of a long shelf life, because unlike other forms of cannabis, it won’t break down the due to chlorophyll, air, or light it its crystal form.

This will revolutionize not only personal consumption but the industry of infused products as well. Imagine how many new products could incorporate this into their ingredients, giving better shelf life and variety to the market as a whole.

Amazing and not even close to done

High Science 3 High Science: Life Will Be Sweeter With Cannabis Sugar
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DeepCell achieved this miracle through a technology they call microfluidics. Talk about “high science“! Ruby Cannabis Sugar is only the start for this company. Soon, they plan to expand their product line (and our minds) with Sapphire Cannabis Salt and Emerald Cannabis Sweetener.

If discreet is your goal, there is nothing more discreet than adding some sugar to your coffee, a little salt on those fries, or giving a little zest to your normal food and drinks with something as innocuous as a sugar packet. Each packet is only 15 calories, fat-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO. I have to agree with the company, it truly is the world’s premier Flexible Edible.

With individual packets, it makes it easy to accurately dose in food and drink. The only downside is that now I will have to cut back on how much sugar I dump into my coffee. I hope they sell it by the pound. Like Def Leppard said:

“Pour some sugar on me. Yeah! Sugar me!”

Would you use THC-infused sugar? What creative ideas would you put it to use in? Share your joy on social media or in the comments below.