Every cannabis enthusiast has their favorite people that they enjoy toking with. When you find those people that you can enjoy a nice high with, you hang on to them tight. Some like getting high with people that are chill, and some like people who are more upbeat and funny. Nevertheless, cannabis is something that helps bring people closer together and it’s always nice to have a good squad to enjoy it with. Here are 7 squads that we definitely want to get high with. 

1. That 70’s Show crew

stoner gangs 70s show 7 Squads We Want To Get High With
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Who wouldn’t want to get high with these guys? They know how to have a good time. Sometimes they’re goofy, and sometimes they’re chill. You get the best of both worlds with these folks. What could be funnier than kicking back in the Foreman’s basement while laughing at Eric trying to act sober in front of his dad?

2. Ted and Johnny

stoner gangs ted johnny 7 Squads We Want To Get High With
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I’m not sure which would be funnier, smoking with a teddy bear or just watching the two of them goof off. Either way, you’ll be geeking the entire time if you get high with this hilarious pair. Pass the bong, Ted.

3. Ghostface

stoner gangs ghostface 7 Squads We Want To Get High With
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Perhaps a little risky, but hey, at least you’ll be on good terms with a killer. Remember, smoking weed brings people closer together.

4. Seth Rogan, Snoop Dogg, and Obama

stoner gangs rogan obama snoop 7 Squads We Want To Get High With
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Imagine, lighting up at the White House with all three of these guys. Not everyone can say they’ve done that now can they? Plus, it would be the perfect opportunity to discuss legalization issues.

5. Kevin hart, Ice Cube, Conan O’Brien, and Diana Chang

stoner gangs hart chang obrien cube 7 Squads We Want To Get High With
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You know you were secretly wishing you were in the car when this group got stoned and went to Popeyes. Who else do you know that will buy a pinata and fill it up with weed? There’s nothing better than a smoke sesh and some good fried chicken afterwards.

6. Craig and Smokey

stoner gangs craig smokey 7 Squads We Want To Get High With
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When these two aren’t busy getting into mischief, they know how to enjoy a good high. Smokey always has plenty of weed to spare, so you know you’ll be set. Just make sure you hide the joints when Felicia and Debo come around.

7. The squad that set an entire field of cannabis on fire

withoutpaddle 7 Squads We Want To Get High With
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Accident or not, you would be super stoned if you spent a day with Dan, Jerry, and Tom. During the film Without a Paddle, this squad got incredibly baked when they set an entire field of cannabis on fire and were forced to make their way through it.

While I wouldn’t recommend wasting all of that good ganja, there’s nothing wrong with being the innocent one that just so happens to be there. By the time you walk out of there, if you even make it, you’ll be good for the rest of the day. Heck, you might be high the next day, too.

Would you get high with any of these stoner squads? Who would you prefer to enjoy a bake session with? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.