Former NFL running back Ricky Williams has joined with another entrepreneur to open in San Francisco the world’s first pro-cannabis gym.

The vision of a pro-cannabis gym

NFL Star Set To Open 1 Zero Reasons To Skip Leg Day At The First Pro Cannabis Gym
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Williams –who was suspended from the NFL multiple times for cannabis use–  and the gym’s co-founder, Jim McAlpine, are hoping to open a facility that will allow for the on-site use of edibles and vaping. They eventually hope to add an outdoor smoking deck for any patrons wishing to enjoy smokable cannabis.

According to a blog post by McAlpine, the hope is to combat the negative stereotype associated with cannabis smokers and to display the plant’s positive health effects.

It won’t be a place to get high and just screw around. We are focused on the athletic side, not the cannabis side.

McAlpine also explains that cannabis will be looked upon as a tool for the gym’s patrons to both improve their focus during workouts and to recover from injury.

The plan, he says, is to have staff supervise a “cannabis performance assessment” to determine a new member’s level of tolerance. This will guard against members losing control while using gym equipment.

Plans for the future

NFL Star Set To Open 2 Zero Reasons To Skip Leg Day At The First Pro Cannabis Gym
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McAlpine –who is also the founder of 420 games, akin to a cannabis smokers Olympics– sees a vibrant relationship between cannabis and sports in the near future.

I think sports will become one of the bigger pieces of the marijuana industry. It’s very much in line with the idea that people and society are starting to understand that marijuana is medicine. Marijuana, if you use it in a responsible way, accentuates the parts of sports that you love and helps you to do them better.

The gym is in the process of finalizing its lease. If approved, it will open its doors this coming fall.

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